• Orchestra Rehearsal 762x320

    Technical Specifications and Policies


    Whole Hall: 53' x 52'
    Stage: 24' x 52'
    Green Room: 22' x 24'
    Lobby: 53'L x 17'W x 30' H
    Seating: 315 fixed seats; 10 movable chairs (creating 6 spaces for wheelchairs)
    Schematic Floor Plan 

    Acoustical Information

    The geometry of the space is designed to avoid coloration from room resonances, and to promote strong early reflections from the stage to all seats, giving the space a feeling of intimacy. The stage area is designed to enable performers to hear one another well, and to reflect sound into the house. The upper walls contain acoustical tuning panels which create a balanced reverberant response from low notes to high notes. Deep structural members of the upper walls and ceiling promote diffusion and even decay of sound in the space.


    Sundin Music Hall is equipped with a Leviton lighting system. Control of the lighting is limited to dimmers which can be raised or lowered according to the needs of the users. Spotlights are fixed.


    Sundin Music Hall (at this time) is equipped with a monophonic PA system, a 24-channel Mackie mixer, three overhead microphones (used only for recording purposes) -- two side AKG 414 microphones and one AKG426 stereo microphone. In addition to six microphone jacks on the apron of the stage, three wireless microphones are installed plus a wireless lapel microphone. Recording capabilities are a ProTools Digital recording system and editor, and a TASCAM CD burner. Intercom connections are to the Green Room, backstage, and the lobby.

    Equipment List

    • Fifty orchestra chairs (including 4 cello chairs)
    • Sixty Manhasset music stands
    • Two conductor podiums
    • One speaker's podium with microphone
    • Hamburg-made 7' Steinway piano
    • Disklavier PRO CIII Yamaha grand piano
    • Percussion instruments
      • timpani,
      • bass drum
      • snare drum
      • high and low Toms
      • chimes, bells
      • temple blocks
      • glockenspiel
      • cymbals (crash and suspended)
      • mallets


    Renters are guaranteed exclusive use of the Hall including the lobby, stage and performance area, Green Room, and back hallway. One-on-site inspection tour for the purpose of program planning may be arranged with the director without incurring a fee. Renters who contract with a music group, soloist or lecturer or other performer must submit the contract to the director prior to signing the contract. The director and Hamline University will hold the details of the contract as a confidential document. The director will advise the renter(s) if the contract requirements can be met and, if not, assist the renter(s) with suggestions for negotiating the final agreement/contract. Neither the director nor Hamline University will be held accountable by renters that have not followed this procedure.

    Music equipment must be reserved prior to the date of the event. Sound equipment must be ordered through Hamline University's Media Services or renter must contract with an outside service. Delivery of equipment from an outside source (whether sound or other equipment) must be scheduled with the director no less than forty-eight(48) hours prior to the event. The actual delivery of the equipment must be delivered no earlier than two (2) hours prior to the event unless arrangements are made with the director. No equipment may be left in the Hall beyond the day of the event. Renters must provide their own personnel for equipment transfer to and from the Hall.

    The director (or a designated student staff worker) will be responsible for the operation of the Hall prior to, during and after the event. This includes, but is not limited to, stage set up, lighting, sound, heating/air conditioning systems, and the safe operation of the hall.
    Rental rates include the management of the operation of the Hall. Renters must provide front-of-house personnel for the purposes of ticket sales, ushering, catering, merchandise set up and sales. Rental Rates do not include liability insurance, which is mandatory.


    • No temporary lighting equipment may be used
    • No modifications of the stage are permitted
    • No standing room for audience: aisles and exits must remain open throughout the event
    • No dancing requiring hard-soled shoes
    • Decorations, signs, posters, or cables may be adhered to the walls, but everything must be flame proof or flame resistant
    • Lighted candles are not permitted
    • Flowers, whether in arrangements or pots, must be placed on plastic mats
    • No flowers, plants, or decorations may be placed on the pianos
    • All non-university equipment, decorations, plants, flowers, and food must be removed following the event
    • No food or drinks may be taken or consumed in the performance hall
    • No alcohol may be served or consumed
    • Sundin is contracted with the understanding that it will be returned to the condition it was prior to occupancy by the renter. Any and all work or clean up needed (other than routine cleaning) to return the facility to the that condition will be charged to the renter.