• Summer Literacy Institute: Past Presenters

    July 15–18, 2019

    Colby Sharp - Book Access is a Game Changer for All Readers 
    Jennifer Serravallo - Reading Conferences: Powerful Goal-Directed Instruction Using Skill Progressions
    Cornelius Minor We Got This: Equity, Access, and the Quest to Be Who Our Students Need Us to Be 
    Lester Laminack - Writers ARE Readers: Use Reading Structures and Strategies to Nurture More Powerful Writers

    July 16–19, 2018

    Smokey Daniels - Rethinking Close Reading: Enhancing Comprehension The Curious Classroom: Comprehension, Community, and Inquiry; Rethinking Close Reading: Enhancing Comprehension through the Deep Study of Nonfiction Images
    Kate Roberts - DIY Literacy: Creating and Using Teaching Tools to Help Students (Happily) Hold on to Teaching and Work to Their Fullest; A Novel Approach: Whole Class Novels, Student Centered Teaching, and Choice
    Ralph Fletcher - Lifting the Chill from the Writing Classroom; Helping Children Create Memorable Memoir; How I Came to Writing
    Bao Phi - Stories to Tell

    July 10–13, 2017

    Krisin Ziemke - We are Made for Story; Micro-Writing: Using Digital Tools to Respond, Foster Fluency, and Provide Feedback across the Curriculum
    Sara Ahmed - Nurturing our Upstanders: Comprehension beyond the Classroom; Hard Work, Heart Work: Building Brave Classrooms
    Donalyn Miller - Voice and Choice: Fostering Student Reading Ownership; Books for a Better World, 2016–2017
    Christopher Lehman - Falling in Love with Close Reading, Big Thinking, and Critical Caring; Loving Nonfiction (Even When You or Your Students Don’t Think It’s Possible), Grades 3–12

    July 12–15, 2016

    Mary Ehrenworth - Growing Extraordinary Writers and Teaching Writing as a Transformative Force; Let's Debate! Raising the Level of Evidence-based Argument and Argument Writing Across the Curriculum
    Dan Feigelson - Reading Projects, Reimagined: Student Driven Conferences to Deepen Critical Thinking; Practical Punctuation: Teaching Mechanics in the Writing Workshop
    David LaRochelle - The Stories Behind the Stories
    Angela Johnson - Man-in-the-Moon Pajamas and a Literary Life
    Kristine Mraz - A Mindset for Learning: Building Classrooms of Joyful, Independent Growth; Charts as Pathways for Learning

    July 7–10, 2015

    Katherine Bomer - Writing Workshop for Teachers: Creating Engaging, Publishable Short Essays to Share in Classrooms or With the World! 
    Nell Duke Planning Project-Based Instruction With Informational Text 
    Ralph Fletcher - How Mentor Texts Lift Student Writing 
    Nikki Grimes - Beyond Race: The Universality of Story 

    July 14–17, 2014

    Peter Johnston - Opening Minds and Hearts/Developing Persistent, Strategic, Literacy Learners
    Frank Serafini - Workshop 2.0: Teaching Reading in the Digital Age/Exploring Picture Books from Two Perspectives: Author/Illustrator and Children's Literacy Professor
    Jennifer Serravallo - When Texts Get Complex: Assessment, Goal-Setting, and Getting to the Next Level/Teaching Reading in Small Groups
    Steven Layne - Confessions of a Reading Arsonist/Successful Strategies for Building Lifetime Readers: Great Ideas You Can Put in Place Tomorrow!

    July 15–18, 2013

    Debbie Miller - Creating Cultures of Thinking, Understanding and Independence
    Kathryn Mitchell Pierce - Sustaining Professional Conversations About Student Work: Teachers Talking About Readers, Writers, Learners
    Michael Opitz - Integrating Fitness and Reading: the How and Why
    Sheree Fitch - Breathe, Stretch, Write!

    July 16–19, 2012

    Sharon Taberski - Comprehension from the Ground Up, K-6
    Greg Tang - Literacy in the Digital Age
    Katie Wood Ray - In Pictures and In Words: Teaching the Qualities of Good Writing Through Illustration Study
    Lester Laminack - Bullying Hurts: Working Toward a Culture of Kindness Through Read Aloud and Guided Conversations

    July 18–22, 2011

    Franki Sibberson - Planning for Mini Lessons in the Reading Workshop
    Kathy Collins - Reading Workshop Essentials and Best Practices: Teaching Children to Read with Power, Intention and Joy
    Katherine Bomer - Hidden Gems: Naming and Teaching the Brilliance in Every Student's Writing
    Linda Hoyt - Reaching New Heights with Nonfiction Writing
    Brian Selznick - Wonderstruck
    Notable Authors: Chris Monroe and Patricia Bauer

    July 12–16, 2010

    Georgia Heard - Climb Inside a Poem: Reading and Writing Poetry Across the School Year
    Ralph Fletcher - Pyrotechnics: Playful Craft That Sparks Writing
    Stephanie Harvey - Comprehension and Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action
    Lester Laminack - Let Common Sense Be Our Guide: I Have a Dream For America's Schools
    E.B. Lewis - Process vs. Product: Pointing Our Children in the Right Direction
    Notable Authors: Joyce Sidman, David Geister & Pat Bauer

    July 13–17, 2009

    Ellin Oliver Keene - To Understand:Putting the Dimensions and Outcomes of Understanding to Work
    Patricia Edwards -
    Beyond the Basic Needs: From Food, Clothing, Shelter to Home Literacy Practices
    Linda Hoyt
    - Interactive Literacy: Reading, Thinking, Taking a More Active Stance
    Peter Johnston -
    The Threads of Learning: Critical Literacy and Democracy in Classroom Talk
    Carmen Agra Deedy -
    Love in the Library
    Notable Authors:
    Debra Frasier & David LaRochelle

    July 14–18, 2008

    Patti Greene - Using Poetry to Enhance Reading and Writing
    Cathy Collins Block
    - Raising Students' Literacy Achievement: What We Have Learned Since the National Reading Panel Report
    Ralph Fletcher
    - Engaging Boy Writers
    Nell Duke
    - Findings from Research on Comprehension and Their Implications for Classroom Practice
    Patricia Reilly Giff
    - Writing: The Story of My Life
    Notable Authors:
    Rick Chrustowski & Lauren Stringer

    July 9–13, 2007

    Katie Wood Ray – On The Importance of Vision in the Teaching of Writing
    Michael P. Ford
    – Books and Beyond: New Ways to Reach Readers
    Yvonne Aarden
    – Make It Real: Learning to Love Nonfiction
    Kathryn Mitchell Pierce – Talking About Change: Students Read and Write to Create a New Vision of the Future
    Lester Laminack – Learning Under the Influence of Language and Literature
    Minnesota Authors:
    Marsha Wilson Chall, Jane Resh Thomas, Phyllis Root, Marsha Qualey

    July 17–21, 2006

    Debbie Miller - In the Beginning: Creating Classroom Cultures of Thinking
    Carl Anderson
    - Placing Assessment at the Center of Writing Instruction
    Barry Lane
    - Revision: How to Teach It, Learn It and Love It
    Sara Holbrook
    - Practical Poetry: A Nonstandard Approach to Meeting Content-Area Standards
    Irene Smalls
    - The Power of One - Teach to Reach
    Minnesota Authors:
    Karen Ritz, John Coy, Isabell Monk

    July 11–15, 2005

    Pamela Nevills - Reading and Brain Development
    Stephen Cary -
    Working with Second Language Learners: Issues, Problems & Solutions
    Isoke Nia -
    Exploring Units of Study in a Writing Workshop
    Greg Tang -
    Math Literacy, The Next Frontier
    Jack Gantos -
    From Wild Things to Rotten Ralph
    Minnesota Authors:
    Marsha Wilson Chall, Jim Postier, and Phyllis Root

    July 12–16, 2004

    Regie Routman - Exemplary Reading/Writing Practices
    Stephanie Harvey
    - Nonfiction Matters!
    Katherine Bomer
    - For A Better World: Reading & Writing For Social Action
    Janet Angelillo
    - A Fresh Approach to Teaching Punctuation
    Sheree Fitch
    - "The Lipslippery Adventures of A Writing Maniac"  

    July 7–11, 2003

    Lester Laminack - Writing on a River of Rhythm
    Stephen Krashen
    - False Claims About Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Skills vs. Whole Language, and Recreational Reading
    Karen Ernst daSilva
    - Connections in the Journey: Art and Language
    Georgia Heard
    - Teaching Poetry: Giving Students the Vision and Tools to Reach for Wider Possibilities as Writers
    Ralph Fletcher
    - New Horizons For Young Writers

    July 8–12, 2002

    Stephanie Harvey - Reading Strategies for Better Comprehension
    Dorothy Watson
    - Supportive and Critical Texts
    Sharon Taberski
    - Connecting the Components of a Balanced Literacy Program for Effective Instruction
    Isoke Titilayo Nia
    - Genre Study and Writer's Workshop
    Patricia Reilly Giff
    - "No Tears in the Writer; No Tears in the Reader…."

    July 9–13, 2001

    Kathryn Mitchell Pierce - From Friends and Bullies to Racism and Social Justice: One Teacher's Search for Democracy through Education
    Richard Allington
    - What Really Matters for Struggling Readers
    Katie Wood Ray
    - The Writing Workshop: Working Through the Hard Parts (and they're all hard parts)
    Lester Laminack
    - Writing under the Influence: What Writers Say About Writing Process
    Pat Mora
    - Honoring the Story

    July 10–14, 2000

    Lester Laminack - Learning from Our Past, Planning for Our Future
    Ruby Payne -A Framework for Understanding & Working with Students of Poverty
    Ralph Fletcher and JoAnn Portalupi -Setting The Table For Craft
    JoAnne Portalupi and Ralph Fletcher -Teaching Students The Craft Of Writing
    Carmen Agra Deedy -Heroes that Live on Our Bookshelf

    July 12–16, 1999

    Alfie Kohn - Creating Meaning Together: Taking the Learner-Centered Classroom Beyond Academics
    Shelley Harwayne
    - Spirits on High: Lessons in Literacy and Leadership from the Manhattan New School
    Shelley Harwayne
    - Rethinking the Teaching of Writing
    Kevin Spink - Non-fiction as an Imaginative Reading Adventure Rather than a Mere Collection of Facts
    Avi - Being an Adult, Writing Children's Books

    July 13–17, 1998

    Carmen Agra Deedy - Stories of Heroic & Outrageous Women
    Donald Graves
    - The Power of Narrative
    Yvonne & David Freeman
    - Effective Practices for English Language Learners
    Lester Laminack
    - Spelling in Use: Teaching for & Documenting Growth Over Time
    Kathryn Mitchell Pierce
    - Literature & the Reading Curriculum: Reason to Celebrate/Cause for Concern

    July 21–25, 1997

    Mem Fox - Digging Up for Re-examination the Long-buried Reading Process
    Mem Fox
    - At War with Reading & Writing
    Carol Gilles
    - Helping Students Be Better Readers & Writers Through Literature Study
    Jan Turbill
    - The Eternal Quest for a Pedagogy of Literacy for All Children
    Mary Glover
    - Teacher as Poet, Poet as Teacher: "Finding the Line" in Everyday Life

    July 8–12, 1996

    Shelley Harwayne - Transforming Schools through Language and Literature
    Shelley Harwayne
    - Rethinking the Teaching of Reading and Writing
    Georgia Heard
    - The Power of Poetry
    Karen Ritz
    - Visual Literacy
    Ralph Fletcher
    - Vision and Revision: Close Encounters with a Writer's Text

    July 10–14, 1995

    Ralph Fletcher - What Writers Need
    Geane Hanson
    - Multiculturalism in the Classroom: A Journey Through Navajo Land
    Lynn Rhodes
    - Literacy Assessment that Informs Instruction
    David and Phyllis Whitin
    - Building a Supportive Mathematics Community
    Byrd Baylor
    - A Visit with Byrd

    July 11–15, 1994

    Kathy Short - Curriculum as Inquiry: Moving Beyond Theme Units to Inquiry Cycles
    Kathryn Mitchell Pierce
    - The Roles of Literature: Inquiry Curriculum
    Diane Snowball
    - The Role of Modeling for Children's Learning
    Linda Crafton
    - Inquiry-Based Evaluation
    Patricia McKissack
    - Don't Save it for Black History Month

    July 19–23, 1993

    Mem Fox - What We Do with Language and What Language Does to us
    Mem Fox
    - Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons: a Literary Explosion
    Yvonne Aarden
    - Literacy Evaluation and Assessment: A Practitioner's View
    Sandra Wilde
    - What Children Can Teach Us about Teaching Them to Spell
    Kathryn Mitchell Pierce
    - Exploring and Extending Literature Discussion Groups

    July 13–17, 1992

    Shelley Harwayne - Lasting Impressions: When Literature Informs our Writing
    Robyn Platt
    - Developing Literacy in the Classroom
    Nigel Hall & Anne Robinson
    - Young Children as Authors
    Terry Johnson
    - Integration of Language Instruction: New Models for Old
    Terry Johnson
    - Evaluation of Literacy

    July 712, 1991

    David Booth - The Power of Story
    Orysia Hull
    - Children's Writing: Theory, Development, Process
    Heidi Mills & Timothy O'Keefe
    - Whole Literacy: Thinking Like Readers, Writers & Mathematicians
    Norma Mickelson
    - Whole Language Assessment & Evaluation

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    JULY 15-18, 2013


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    Patty Born, School of Education and Leadership assistant professor, was part of a panel presentation on "Storytelling for Multispecies Compassion."


    Pam McDonald, adjunct instructor in the Gifted Certificate Program in the School of Education and Leadership was recently selected as a reviewer for Amazon.