• Institute Details

    Dates: July 10–13, 2017
    Time: 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
    Institute Rates:

    • $495 early-bird conference rate (register by June 9, 2017)
    • $545 regular conference rate
    • $150 two graduate credits

    Lodging: Hamline has secured a block of hotel suites available at a discounted rate of $​119.00 per night at the Courtyard Minneapolis S​aint​ Paul/Roseville.​ Reservations may be made through June 16, 2017. Book lodging for the 2017 Summer Literacy Institute.

    Session Descriptions

    Monday, July 10, 2017

    Morning Session: We are Made for Story
    Presenter: Kristin Ziemke, consulting author and teacher
    Campfire conversations, cave paintings, letters mailed across the sea—the tools and times have changed, but the human condition has not. We are made for story. Today, we have so many ways for students to share their stories; we’ve moved beyond simply writing things down to more diversified forms of storytelling: blogging, making movies, writing multi-touch books, singing, sharing online. When we invite kids to tell their stories, we place them at the center of curriculum and make it about them. We celebrate the benefits of technology and explicitly teach students to consider their identity as they use media to understand themselves and their place in the global learning community. Join in as we leverage the power of story in a digital age to benchmark time and change the future.

    Afternoon Session: Micro-Writing: Using Digital Tools to Respond, Foster Fluency, and Provide Feedback across the Curriculum
    Presenter: Kristin Ziemke, consulting author and teacher
    Digital forms of quick writing—such as tweets, sketchnotes, and Instagram posts—provide exciting new opportunities for students to generate text frequently across the curriculum to summarize, question, or synthesize thinking. Using online text as mentor tech, we can teach students to make an image, diagram, or visual to enhance their writing. Micro-writing can support students in not simply revising pieces but in revising their entire voice as they publish online for an authentic audience. You’ll leave with new ideas and practical lesson ideas for your own teaching of writing.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2017

    Morning Session: Nurturing our Upstanders: Comprehension beyond the Classroom
    Presenter: Sara Ahmed, consulting author and educator
    If we strive to democratize the learning in our schools, we are committing to help all learners investigate, build background knowledge, and communicate thoughtfully in the service of humanity, not just ourselves. Today, we must help our youngest upstanders become compassionate, collaborative citizens of the world. Through the lens of inquiry and social comprehension, we will candidly explore our own identities in order to help our students read, write, think, and act in the socially responsible ways our society needs moving forward.

    Afternoon Session: Hard Work, Heart Work: Building Brave Classrooms
    Presenter: Sara Ahmed, consulting author and educator
    As an extension of the keynote address, participants will become part of the think-tank it takes to bring inquiry work to the classroom. We will engage in snapshots lessons that participants can not only take back to their classrooms but also use to examine how, as adult learners, they are navigating content and strategies and paying attention to vulnerability and bravery.

    Wednesday, July 12, 2017

    Morning Session: Voice and Choice: Fostering Student Reading Ownership
    Presenter: Donalyn Miller
    While students are learning the skills of reading, they must also develop a positive reading identity to remain readers. By negotiating both academic and personal reading goals, empowering students’ reading choices, and providing opportunities for students to share and promote their responses to what they read, we can increase young readers’ engagement and effort. In this session, Donalyn Miller shares classroom examples, relevant research, instructional moves, and strategies for supporting young readers as they grow into lifelong readers.

    Afternoon Session: Books for a Better World, 2016–2017
    Presenter: Donalyn Miller
    Reading offers validation for our experiences and fosters empathy and awareness of others who have different perspectives than ours. In this session, Donalyn Miller shares 40 current books that offer diverse reading experience for your students and provides resources and suggestions for using these books in the classroom and home.

    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    Morning Session: Falling in Love with Close Reading, Big Thinking, and Critical Caring
    Presenter: Christopher Lehman, author, consultant, and founding director of Educator Collaborative
    Christopher Lehman, founding director of The Educator Collaborative, kicks off the morning with a keynote on the many ways close reading can connect our students of all ages to books, big ideas, and the world. He will share some cutting-edge practices on engaging young readers in close reading to support them in playful, thoughtful experiences that push their work with text further than before. You will also engage with new work for older readers, stemming from Lehman’s best-selling book Falling in Love with Close Reading (coauthored with Kate Roberts), which supports reflection and deep thinking about text and about the world around us. This engaging session will leave you with practices and inspiration to enliven students’ reading, thinking, and conversations.

    Afternoon Session: Loving Nonfiction (Even When You or Your Students Don’t Think It’s Possible), Grades 3–12
    Presenter: Christopher Lehman, author, consultant, and founding director of Educator Collaborative
    Join Christopher Lehman in this session full of practical teaching strategies and inspiring mindsets for helping your students and yourself engage thoughtfully with nonfiction texts. Learn about note-taking for thinking (not copying), text sets that inspire (not bore), and strategies that support students engage and learn. You will leave inspired and equipped with tools to deepen your students’ experiences with this important text type.