• Brand Identity Guide

    Hamline University's message is an important one. This brand identity guide is designed to help us all share it.

    A brand identity system is a focused strategy that creates a strong, unified set of visual standards, ensuring that all graphic and visual elements used in publications communicate the same message. The identity is not read in words, but processed by the brain visually, evoking a complex set of associations much more powerful than text.

    In this guide you will find visual identity guidelines that all Hamline publications--print or electronic--are required to follow. These guidelines help us convey Hamline's personal, welcoming nature and commitment to innovation in education. Having a clear, consistent message helps Hamline's identity become more well known and increases its reputation in the marketplace.

    Please use this guide as a resource for your office and external vendors.

     Contact Marketing and Creative Services for an updated Brand Identity Guide wetakethelead@hamline.edu

    Piper Logo

    View our Piper Graphic Standards. On this page you will find our guidelines on the use of our official university mascot logo.

    Obtain visual elements

    All university logos, photography, and graphic elements are available for download from the Media Library. Faculty and staff are granted access upon request after registering a username and password. External vendors working with Hamline departments should register and then send a separate email to the Media Library administrator at medialibrary@hamline.edu listing the project and department they are working with.

    If you have any questions, please contact mcs@hamline.edu.

    The following items are available for order or download on the forms and downloads page: