• Returned Global Pipers

    You went away and had many new experiences, but the learning doesn’t end with returning to campus.

    Reflection and practicing how to articulate your experience are critical to building off the journey.

    Get Involved:

    There are several ways to keep involved with the GEC once you return.

    Volunteer to represent your program at the Study Away Fair that happens in September and February. Contact the GEC for details.

    Submit your pictures, blog links, videos, and stories to the GEC and we will highlight them on our Instagram and this website! #globalpipers

    International Education Week is another great opportunity to get involved. There are many internationally themed events, speakers, and movies going on all over campus. You can even help host events by partnering with the GEC or your student activity involvement.

    The Global Mentor Program is also a way to help study away and international students at Hamline. To volunteer or see if there is a work study position open, please contact the GEC.

    Returned Network:

    There are conferences and ways to keep involved with your program.

    Lessons From Abroad (http://www.lessonsfromabroad.org/) is a large organization that has regional conferencesour closest region is hosted in Chicago, IL.

    For students from program provider programs, there might also be ways to get involved as an Ambassador on the Hamline University Campus and other returned student networks to tap into!

    Study AwayAgain!

    You can always study away a second time if you have the room in your four year plan.

    Graduate Work Abroad

    Graduate schools abroad are becoming more and more accessible and popular. The GEC recommends researching your subject area to find the best international options.

    Working Overseas

    Are you interested in working abroad? There are many opportunities that go beyond teaching English.

    Several sites like GoAbroad.com (https://www.goabroad.com/) or GoOverSeas.com (https://www.gooverseas.com/) are great starting points to find options.

    Make sure to research the program/job before signing an contract. Check the legitimacy of the organization, compensation and benefits packages carefully.

    Also check out some of the bigger career fairs in the area to find companies with international offices. The Career Development Center on campus is a great place to go for assistance looking for jobs both domestically and international ones.

    Peace Corps is also a great option to serve your country and help improve the lives of people around the world. There will be yearly information sessions hosted at Hamline with the Minnesota Peace Corps recruiter.

    More information can be found at https://www.peacecorps.gov/

    Internationalizing YOUR Resume

    Believe it or not, your time in a new environment looks great on a resume! Not only that, but you also came back to Hamline with a list of new skills and competencies.

    Some of the most commonly associated with a study away experience include:

    Internationalizing your resume

    • Adaptability
    • Networking/Communication skills
    • Open-mindedness
    • Problem-solving
    • Time management
    • Self-awareness
    • Another language
    • Unique educational experience

    Head over the Career Development Center to see how you can add this experience to your resume and learn how to talk about it for interviews using the STAR method (behavioral interviewing).