• Returned Global Pipers

    Hamline and the GEC are excited that you are back on campus after an exciting time away
    We hope you had a great experience and learned a lot about yourself and the world we live in
    So now what?        That is a common question that many students have.  

    The GEC wants you to know that we’re here to assist in unpacking the experiences and changes you might be noticing in yourself or your worldview.  

           Stay connected!    Get involved! Continue the Journey!   Events

  • Stay Connected

    Global Piper Newsletter:  

    Subscribe to the GEC's newsletter endeavor with a few departments around campus to keep up with the global community on campus.  You can even submit an article if you'd like to share your global experience! 

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    Get Involved

    Once you return there are several ways to keep involved with the GEC.

    GEC Photo Contest:
    Students can submit their photos of their time abroad/away to the GEC Photo Contest. Winners will be selected by a panel of Hamline faculty and staff and rated on the image, its caption, and how it fits into the category. Winners will be notified and their images will be printed, framed and displayed near the GEC until May 2020. Winners can then bring the framed image home to keep.
    Submissions open until October 1st . Submit your photo

    Study Away Ambassador Program:
    Add some volunteer experience to your resume while talking to other students about study away! Ambassadors will assist the GEC in adding outreach and networking opportunities to campus. Find more information here   

    International Education Month
    Join the GEC in a variety of global-themed events during the month of October. Check the GEC's event page or contact the GEC for more information.

    GSS- Global Student Society:
    Join this Student Org to stay connected with others that support a more global and inclusive Hamline!

    Continue the Journey

    Graduate Work/Research Abroad:
    Graduate schools abroad are a great way to further your experiences abroad. There are more resources like funding available than ever before with great fellowship options and even Federal Financial Aid in some cases. Consider looking into a Fulbright, Truman or other awards to help fund your time after graduating Hamline.  Post-Graduate Fellowships and Opportunities


    Work/Teach Overseas:
    Consider a career in Teaching Abroad by enrolling in the ESL programs on campus!
    Hamline has certificate and Master’s programs for those looking to work with English as a Second Language students. Check out more information 

    But you don't just have to teach, there are other opportunities with companies and non-profits abroad! Check out GoOverseas or GoAbroad.com for a list of job options. Job fairs also are a great way to find internationally reaching groups. 

    Peace Corps:
    PeaceCorps is a great experience that can also get you connected on so many levels with meaningful projects worldwide and great benefits once you are done with your service time. Check out for more information.

    Internationalizing your Resume

    Believe it or not, your time in a new environment looks great on a resume! Not only that, but you also came back to Hamline with a list of new skills and competencies.

    Some of the most commonly associated with a study away experience include:

      Internationalizing your resume

    • Adaptability
    • Networking/Communication skills
    • Open-mindedness
    • Problem-solving
    • Time management
    • Self-awareness
    • Another language
    • Unique educational experience

    Head over the Career Development Center to see how you can add this experience to your resume and learn how to talk about it for interviews using the STAR method (behavioral interviewing).