• Go Global Pipers!

    Join the nearly 200 Global Pipers going abroad EACH year with Hamline University!


    Global Piper Voices: 

    "My experience in Thailand wasn't like anything else I've ever experienced before. It was so special to travel halfway across the world to engage in a different culture as well as meeting more of my Hamline peers."

        -Morgan Fox, Thailand: Global Service Learning through Education J-Term     

    "Traveling to York, England was my first cross-cultural experience. It renewed a sense in wonder that I had lost over the years from being too comfortable with my surroundings. I'll never forget that liberating feeling."

        -Kyle Knapp, Hamline in York Semester

    "In Spain, everyday was a challenge in an exciting way. New words, foods, friends, and experiences were awaiting me. With so many new things, I had ample opportunities to grow as an individual."

        - Whitney Krogstad-Yambrick, ISEP Exchange Semester at the Universidad de Murcia


    Global Piper Blogs:

    As part of the Global Studies major, students going abroad create blogs to highlight their time away. Feel free to explore their thoughts on their time!

    Dana Hoffman:  http://mysenegal2010.blogspot.com/

    Cat Polivoda: http://fraupolivoda.wordpress.com/

    Mitch Steen: http://www.myaixperienceabroad.blogspot.com/ 

    Becca Golden: http://xingborders2010.blogspot.com/ 

    Hannah Rael: http://apiperinchile.wordpress.com/ 

    Caitlin Klann: http://cklann01.wordpress.com/