• Funding Study Away

    Preparing to study abroad requires advanced planning and organization. Understanding how scholarships and financial aid can be used to help finance a study abroad experience is an important and informative step to ensure that you are selecting the best study abroad option for you.

    Hamline students are encouraged to review the following financial information provided for each specific study abroad term. For specific questions, students should schedule an initial advising appointment with a study abroad advisor to individually discuss program costs, additional expenses, and generally how financial aid works before applying to a study abroad program.

    When looking for specific details about your financial aid package, we encourage students to head to the Financial Aid Office in East Hall (https://www.hamline.edu/financial-aid/).

    Financial Aid Types:

    Federal & State: 
    Follows students abroad as long as there is eligibility for the student and enrollment requirements are met (halftime or better).

    Private Loans: 
    Talk with the Financial Aid Office for a list of approved low interest educational private loans to help offset the costs of your program. Always research the terms and requirements. Note that there is a minimum processing time of 10 days for Hamline to certify the loan once it is sent here.

    Hamline Aid: 
    Using Hamline aid can be complex. Hamline Exchanges and ISEP Exchanges will allow the use of Hamline aid. Program providers and short term programs will not be able to bring Hamline aid with them (few exceptions being IES and HECUA programs- see the GEC for more info).

    Outside scholarships depend on the donor if students can use them for study away purposes. Please contact the donor directly. There are also special Study Abroad Scholarships availablesee the short list below for places to get started.

    529 Savings Plans, GI Bill, and more may be able to help you fund study away. Talk to the GEC for more information.

     Financial Aid Types 

    Program Costs

    Be sure to understand the costs of your program before committing to it. You can use the GEC’s budget sheet and meet with the GEC staff to confirm the costs.

    Exchanges: Typically the Cost of Attendance at Hamline (Tuition, single dorm room, meal plan) 
    Program Providers: SemesterHamline Flat Rate or cost of program (whichever is higher); J Term/SummerProgram Provider listed cost
    Hamline Faculty Led: Program cost listed 

    There are more things to budget for on top of those costs.


    Scholarships are out there. Many students give up before even looking or get discouraged when because they haven’t be successful in getting scholarships for normal school costs.

    Study away or study abroad scholarships are a bit different. The population for the scholarships are much lower than a normal scholarship searchonly one-in-five U.S. undergraduates go abroad.

    Generally there are a few types of scholarships you will find for study away:

    Merit Based: This type focuses on academics and extracurricular activities. Students with 3.5 or above GPAs tend to fit into this category.

    Financial Need Based: Students who often receive federal and state grants are considered financial need students, but this is not always the case. These scholarships may ask for FAFSA data for eligibility requirements.

    Diversity Inclusion: Diversity can be many things beyond race and ethnic identification. Males going abroad are also a underrepresented category. STEM majors or those studying a foreign language also have specific scholarship classifications. Check to see what the eligibility requirements are before giving up!

    The GEC and other Hamline resources are here to assist with finding and applying for scholarships.

    Below the GEC highlights a few scholarships, this is not an exhaustive list.

    National Scholarships

    National Scholarship


    Major/Minor Fields of Study

    Type of Award





    Alllanguage study or interest in government jobs

    Merit Based






    Merit Based



    Fulbright Summer Institutes



    Merit Based






    Financial Need Based






    Merit Based






    Got a PELL Grant? Going abroad for over 21 days?

    The Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship would be a great option! 1 in 4 students get this national award and the awards can range from $1,500 - $8,000 for your program.

    Spring/Early Summer deadlines: early October

    Summer normal deadline: early March

    Fall/Academic Year deadlines: early March

    GEC Gilman Workshops happen twice a year in September and February.  

    The next session is:

    February 12th  11:10 am - Noon  GLC 104E



    Hamline Scholarships: As a Piper, Hamline also offers some scholarships for going abroad.

    We’re working to compile a list, so check back soon or you can contact the GEC with any questions.

    Program Provider Scholarships: If you are going on a program provider study away program, they will have an provider specific scholarship application. See their website for other financial aid types for their programs as well.  

    International Groups/Organizations: There are groups across the world that share the mission to exchange more students. Check out their website resources to find their scholarship details as well as scholarship search engines (note: you may have to do a bit of filtering).

    Country-Specific Scholarships: Some countries also provider students with scholarships to study and do research abroad. 

    Creative Funding Ideas


    Crowdfunding Tips:

    • Go Fund Me or Fund My Travel are popular Crowdfunding sites.
    • Always make sure to read the fine print before starting a campaign.
    • These can take time and effortnot just easy money. 
    • Check out more tips from US San Diego and NAFSA.