• Get Involved on Campus

    College is more than just going to class.  Getting involved as a student can be one of the biggest highlights of your college experience.  You will meet many new people, explore new and old interests, gain valuable experiences, and most importantly, help create our campus culture.  The knowledge and skills that you can develop though co-curricular involvement will have a profound impact on your collegiate experience and future career.

    With over 60 Student Clubs and Organizations on campus, there is something for everyone.  And, you can always start your own organization!

    Benefits of Campus Involvement

    • Develop marketable leadership and organizational skills.
    • Use energy and recreational time constructively.
    • Develop and clarify personal values.
    • Enhance creative thought and expression.
    • Develop critical thinking skills.
    • Learn the importance of cooperation, teamwork, work ethic and being an active member of a group.
    • Develop interpersonal and time management skills.
    • Experience cultural sharing and exchange.
    • Develop self-initiative, discipline, independence, and responsibility.
    • Gain practical experience that can be used to enhance a resume.
    • Make lasting relations with students, faculty and staff.

    How Can You Get More Involved?

    • Explore the countless clubs, organizations, and committees linked above.
    • Check bulletin boards, table tents, the Oracle, Inside Hamline, Hamline University Programming Board (HUPB) postings, and weekly emails to see what's going on
    • Contact Student Activities and help organize a new club.
    • Tell Hamline University Student Congress (HUSC) representative or Residence Hall representative (if applicable) what needs to happen around here.
    • Join the Student Government by running for a position on HUSC.

    Next Steps

    Click on the links below to learn more about getting involved on campus!

    Clubs and Organizations
    Student Activities