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    We are glad that you've chosen to study at Hamline and hope that you will have many rich and rewarding personal, academic, and cultural experiences. While you are enjoying your time in the US, please also remember that as an international student it is very important to maintain active immigration status. The GEC works hard to ensure that you have access to accurate information regarding your F- or J-immigration status. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to maintain your legal status. If you would like to meet with an international student advisor to discuss any questions or concerns, please schedule an appointment

    Information & Forms

    Reminder: The GEC often sends important immigration-related information to students by email. Your Hamline email is the university's official form of communication, so be sure to check this regularly.

    Request A Letter

    Letter requests will take at least three (3) days to be issued. If you have questions, please call our office at +1 651 523 2245. We will notify you when your letter is ready for pick up.

    You must be a current Hamline student or on OPT to request a letter. All requests are subject to verification. You will be notified by email when the letter is ready for pickup at the GEC (generally within 2-3 business days). Letters will be mailed only for students who are studying at the Minneapolis campus or are on Optional Practical Training out of the area.

    Travel Letter: For use when returning to the United States after leaving the country. The letter is not mandatory, but recommended in case you encounter any difficulties.

    Good Standing Letter: Used for a variety of reasons. The letter states that you are a Hamline student in good standing.

    Family/Friend Invitation Letter: For use when inviting family or friends to visit the United States. The letter states that you are a Hamline student in good standing, and notifies the embassy that you are requesting their assistance in obtaining a visitor visa for your family member or friend.

    Family/Friend Graduation Ceremony Invitation Letter: For use when inviting family or friends to the United States for your graduation ceremony. The letter states that you are a Hamline student in good standing, and that you would like to invite your family member or friend to your graduation ceremony.

    CADIVI Letter: Effective June 4, 2013, CADIVI letters will be issued only after students are registered for courses. CADIVI letters may take longer than the standard 3 business days. Please let us know if you have any questions about registering for the corresponding semester(s).

    Social Security Letter: For use when applying for a social security number. You must have a job offer before you can apply for a social security number (see the Social Security page of our website for more information.)

    Change of Foreign Address: For use in notifying the GEC of a change in your foreign address. You must report any change of address to the GEC within 10 days of the address change. We will use this information to update your SEVIS record. To change your US address for immigration purposes, update your contact information in Piperline

    Certification of On-Campus Employment Eligibility: You must request this letter before applying for on-campus jobs. Once you receive this letter, bring it to the Human Resources office to receive an on-campus work eligibility card. You may then seek employment on campus.