• Housing

    On Campus Housing;

    Students living on campus must apply prior to arrival through the Office of Residential Life. Living in the residence halls is required for exchange students and recommended for all students who have never lived in the US before. The residence halls will provide you with many opportunities to meet other students and build a network of support. Each residence hall is staffed by an experienced Resident Advisor, who plans social events and programs and can act as a resource for you as a new student. Osborn Hall is home to the Global Piper Floor, which has been specially created to meet the needs of international students.

    Meal plans are required for students living on campus. In the residence halls you will also have wireless internet, electricity, water, gas, cable television, washing machine usage and other amenities included in the monthly housing fee. Note that these individual usage fees can be quite expensive if you live off campus. Students living on campus must either bring their own linens or buy them on the first day of arrivals, when the GEC will make a special trip to the store in order to purchase any food, school materials, and home supplies that students may need.

    Please note that once you pay the housing deposit, you are committed to living on campus per the terms of your agreement. You will not be able to cancel this agreement once you arrive on campus. So while on-campus housing is recommended for degree-seeking students new to the US, please consider this decision carefully.

    Off Campus Housing

    International students who are admitted as degree seeking students have the option to live on or off campus. Again, we recommend that you live on campus if this is your first time in the US. Finding off campus housing can be a daunting task, particularly if you are seeking housing from overseas.  

    Please note that the GEC does not currently provide individual assistance with off campus housing. However, the information below may help you in your search. Whether you decide to live on or off campus, it is important that you make housing arrangements before you arrive at Hamline. If you cannot secure plans in advance, then you are responsible for arranging temporary housing.

    Places to look

    We recommend that you use a combination of resources to search for your apartment. Here are some places that will help you get started:

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