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    Hamline Orientation FAQ's

    Who is going to be in my orientation group?
    Each First Year Seminar class is its own orientation group. Our hope is that by meeting these other 15-18 students right away, and staying with them for the first semester, each new student will have a support system and a ready-made network of people.

    What is a Campus Colleague?
    Campus Colleagues are staff members of Hamline who have volunteered to be a part of a First Year Seminar. Just like the new student mentor, campus colleagues meet with the first year students of their seminars about a month into school to see how the students are doing. The FYSem professor, new student mentor, and campus colleague all work together to ensure that the students of their FYSem are doing well at Hamline.

    Am I required to attend both orientation programs?
    Yes. You are required to attend both Piper Preview and Piper Passages. Within both programs, you will be receiving incredibly important information about your transition to Hamline. Without this information, you may not be completely prepared for the fall semester. If you have issues or concerns with attending Piper Preview, such as financial hardship or distance from campus, please contact the Office of Orientation and First Year Programs and they will work with you on different accommodations.

    What if I’ve already been on campus for a fall sport -- do I still have to attend Piper Passages?
    YES! We know that after being on campus for a couple of weeks, you may know the campus pretty well. But orientation is not just a week long tour! It’s a chance to develop relationships with people outside of your team and discover the many services and opportunities the campus has to offer. Don’t be the person who misses Piper Passages and then in the middle of the semester says “But nobody told me that I had to ___________ (fill in the blank)!”

    What if I want to make a change to the schedule I registered for?
    Contact the Center for Academic Services at 651-523-2912 or email them at cas@hamline.edu.

    How many classes do I take to be considered a full time student?
    For more information on course registration-related questions, please visit the Center for Academic Services (CAS) page.

    Living on Campus FAQ's

    What will I find in my residence hall room when I move in?
    Your room will be furnished with a bed, dresser, desk and chair, closet or wardrobe, and a MicroFridge unit. The beds are all extra long twin (36x80). The rooms in the Heights (Osborn, Schilling, and Peterson) are all carpeted. In Sorin Hall all rooms have carpeting with the exception of room 208, 209, 308 and 309. Your residence hall room is equipped with a university telephone line. You are responsible for providing your own telephone, but voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting are all provided. All residence hall rooms have cable television service and internet service. All residence halls are wireless. If you still want to hook into the internet, hard wire lines are also in every room. Students also enjoy free use of our laundry facilities.

    How many residence halls does Hamline have?
    Hamline has six residence halls: The Heights (Osborn, Peterson, Schilling), Sorin, Manor, and Drew Residence Halls. Of these buildings, most first year students are assigned to the Heights, Sorin, and Drew. Manor Hall is for returning students. Hamline also has an apartment building for juniors, seniors, law, and graduate students.

    What is an RA?
    An RA (resident advisor) is the student staff member responsible for your community. They guide the activities of the floor as an advisor to the community. They are responsible for programming, on-call duty for their area, peer counseling, community agreements, and policy enforcement.

    What do I do if my roommate and I don't get along?
    Within the first two weeks of the fall semester, students will create a roommate contract/agreement by completing the “Getting to know your Roommate(s)” form that is part of your check-in packet. This is an important process because many of our students have not shared a room before and don’t always know how to talk about their needs. If problems then arise, the RA will meet with the roommates and talk through their contract. Changes might need to be made. If the situation can’t be resolved in any other way, then students are allowed to change rooms if space allows.

    What items am I not allowed to have in my residence hall room?
    The list of items not allowed in the residence halls includes, but is not limited to: air conditioners, halogen lamps, water beds, charcoal and gas grills, hot plates, extension cords, motorbikes, motorcycles, candles, incense, toasters, George-Foreman style grills, microwave ovens, and weapons of any kind.

    Am I allowed to have a friend visit me and spend the night?
    Guests are allowed to visit students on campus as long as the roommate agrees to the visit. Guests should only stay a maximum of 3 consecutive nights. The halls do have 24 hour visitation; however again, overnight guests need to be approved by all roommates.

    How many roommates will I have?
    Rooms in the residence halls are arranged to have two, three, or four people in specific rooms. Based on the room occupancy and your assignment, you could have as many as three additional roommates.


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