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Student Vloggers Establish Online Presence


A unique component of Hamline’s online presence is the inclusion of student vloggers, or video bloggers, on its Youtube channel. Instead of reading about a student’s day-to-day life, viewers can now see and hear about a Piper’s life in vivid detail as it unfolds across their computer screens.

These video blogs offer a look behind the lens and into the lives of four Hamline students, all with different interests, diverse experiences, vibrant personalities, and stories waiting to be shared. What all of these vloggers have in common is the desire to broadcast their love for Hamline with not only their fellow Pipers, but prospective students and the online community as a whole. The four active faces of Hamline University’s student vlogging team are Taylor Williams, Jeff Rueter, Kendra Krause, and Taylor Werdel.

“Vlogging offers a chance for people to see another view and take a look at Hamline from a different angle,” Jeff Rueter, sophomore vlogger, said, “My topics are very rarely just ‘This is Hamline,’ but more so ‘This is what a Hamline student is.’”

All of Hamline’s vloggers strive to add their own personal twist to their videos.

“Whenever I’m doing something I try to think if it is a unique experience that I would want incoming students to know about,” Taylor Williams, senior vlogger, said. “I’ve done vlogs about clubs I’m a part of, events that I go to, and it’s basically how I personalize my experience, fun things that I enjoy about my time here.”

Check out their vlogger profiles below and then watch them on their YouTube channel.

Vlogger Profiles
Taylor Williams
Senior – Communication Studies & Studio Art major
Check out Taylor’s favorite vlog here!

Q:Why did you choose to be a vlogger?
“I was really interested in the idea because I felt it was a great opportunity to show people my version of Hamline, to show people a side of Hamline they’ve never seen before. All college students have been in a position where they didn’t know what to expect when they were first-year students. So I want to be able to show people what they might not see on tours or on the Facebook page, or on the website.”

Jeff Rueter 
Sophomore – Theater Arts major
Check out Jeff’s favorite vlog here!

Q: Why did you choose to be a vlogger?
“I first heard about the vlogging program during my First Year Seminar and I thought it’d be an interesting way to get my face out there for prospective students so they could see what an artsy student thinks about the university. You often hear a lot about the athletic or academically-minded, but not so much about the artistic-minded, so I thought it would be a helpful viewpoint.”

Kendra Krause 
Sophomore – Biology & Criminal Justice major, Psychology minor, Forensic Science Certificate
Check out Kendra’s favorite vlog here

Q: Why did you choose to be a vlogger?
“I decided to vlog so I could express myself creatively. I wanted to offer up information about myself as well as the campus.”

Taylor Werdel 
Sophomore – Marketing & Digital Media Arts major, Creative Writing minor
Check out Taylor’s favorite vlog here

Q:Why did you choose to be a vlogger?
“There were two main reasons I decided to become a video blogger, the first being that I thought it looked like tons of fun! I love watching videos on Youtube, and I thought that being able to contribute to that online community would be a great experience. I love being creative and goofy, and the vlogs were just an outlet for me to really establish myself as a Hamline student with a story to share. The second reason was because I talk so much as it is, so why not share my ramblings and experiences with a larger audience than just my circle of friends? I thought, ‘why not vlog about things that other students can relate to, but from a perspective that’s uniquely mine?’”