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Betsy Lindeman Wong

Learning Online: Betsy Lindeman Wong, MA-ESL '15

Current Master of Arts in English as a Second Language (MA-ESL) student Betsy Lindeman Wong is taking full advantage of the benefits of Hamline’s online program.

“I chose Hamline’s MA-ESL program for two reasons: the expertise of its faculty, who have done significant research in the field of adult ESL, and the convenience and intensity of its online program,” she said.

Wong, who lives and works in the greater Washington, D.C. area, is able to be a part of the strong Hamline classroom community from over a thousand miles away. For her, the online aspect has been the program's greatest asset.

“The online program has pushed me to go further than a face-to-face program in that I must interact with colleagues several times a week,” Wong said. “I regularly go back and reread or review lectures and explore them more in-depth.”

She also uses the online discussions and assignments as a means to reflect on her current teaching practices as an ESL instructor at a community college, applying the knowledge, strategies, and approaches she’s learned from the program to her own classroom.

“Preparing ESL students for college-level coursework is an intense endeavor,” Wong said. “Hamline’s rigorous classes have helped me to feel comfortable with such complex topics as assessment and English grammar.”

Hamline also provides Wong with a network of professors and classmates from which to receive and offer feedback. She regularly asks her Hamline colleagues for advice or answers to challenging questions about her own work as an educator. “I can get advice not only from professors but also from colleagues who teach refugees, college students, adult education students, or K-12 pupils around the world,” she said. “It is truly a unique program.” 

Although she has not yet completed the program, Wong feels more confident and prepared to teach college-age English language learners. “I have been so lucky to find a program that focuses specifically on the needs of adult English language learners,” she said.

Since Wong started her program, Hamline has added a new Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA-TESOL) for students seeking to work in higher education in the United States or abroad.  

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