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Alia Abboud

Gaining International Experience: Alia Abboud ’15

For Alia Abboud ’15, the decision to study abroad was easy. “I considered studying abroad to be an essential aspect of my international business studies,” she said. “In order to gain understanding of an international business environment, I wanted to experience it firsthand, instead of just learning about it in an American classroom.”

As a Holt Fellow in the fall of 2013, Abboud spent a semester in Nice, France, immersing herself in the culture and community of the French Riviera. Participating in a direct exchange program at the Université de Nice, she lived in the dorms and attended classes, taught in both English and French, ranging in topics from the business environment of the European Union to 20th century music history. 

Abboud’s decision to study abroad not only had an impact on her educational experience; it also had an impact on her career path. She is returning to France for the 2015-2016 school year—this time to the central region of Auvergene—to be an English teaching assistant at both the middle school and high school levels.

“I have a little anxiety about teaching in the classroom because it is an unfamiliar position for me,” she said. “But, I am excited for the opportunity to live abroad again.”

Abboud’s desire to study abroad is only part of what drew her to Hamline in the first place. With passions and interests in addition to international business, she wanted to attend a school where she could pursue music and take language classes in addition to a business degree. Abboud found just that at Hamline. 

During her time at Hamline, Abboud participated in the A Cappella Choir, traveling to England and Wales during January term of her sophomore year. Abboud also taught cello lessons and played with the Hamline Orchestra

Abboud’s deep-seeded passions for music and French came together in her senior project for her musical arts major, where she presented a combination lecture and recital, featuring music of French composers. In between performing challenging pieces on cello and voice, Abboud presented research about the featured music and composers.

Throughout her Hamline experience, Abboud was thankful for the support of her professors. “They are experts in their fields, and they sincerely want to get to know you,” she said. “For me, the value of my Hamline education came from the people. The students, faculty, and staff—no matter what the subject area—are all so supportive and want to see you succeed.”

Find out more about the many study abroad opportunities at Hamline and the Holt Fellowship, the music major through the College of Liberal Arts, or the international business major offered through the School of Business on the website. You can also contact Hamline's Undergraduate Admission Office to learn more about joining the Hamline community.