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    Best Practices for Individuals

    Follow these best practices to help adhere to university policy and protect yourself and other community members.

    Be transparent and honest. Be honest about who you are in your personal posts. Be clear that you are sharing your personal views, not as a representative of Hamline. Do not use Hamline’s name, logos, or seal to promote/endorse any product, cause, or political party/candidate.

    Be accurate. Make sure that you have all the facts before you post. It is better to verify information with a source first than to have to post a correction or retraction later. Cite and link to your sources whenever possible. If you make an error, correct it quickly.

    Be respectful. You are more likely to achieve your goals or provoke thoughtful discussion if you are constructive and respectful while discussing a bad experience or disagreeing with a concept or person.

    Hamline University and Hamline ITS do not claim ownership or responsibility for community members’ personal accounts.

    The use of Hamline technology on campus (including wifi, public computers, etc.) is regulated by Hamline’s ITS department. A full description of these policies can be found in the Technology Use document. Inappropriate behavior is subject to the student conduct code and harassment policies

    Guidelines for University Accounts

    Before creating a new social media account, contact the Marketing and Communications team.

    Contact Information

    Ask Yourself:

    Do we need this?

    Social media profiles should only be created if they are useful year-round. If you are looking to promote a one-off announcement or single event, talk to the Marketing and Communications office about utilizing the main university channels.

    Can we maintain this?

    Social media pages require a lot of upkeep to be successful. Does your staff have the time to maintain your social media presence? Do you have enough content to post consistently year-round? Where is the bulk of your content going to come from? If an account administrator is leaving the university, make sure they share the account’s login information with someone within the department who will take over responsibility for the account.

    Is there a better way to get the message out?

    It takes time to grow a following on any social media platform. If you are looking to deliver a message quickly, it may be beneficial to utilize more established accounts or other communications methods to reach your audience.

    Contact the Marketing and Communications office for help deciding the best way to get your message out.

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