• About The Snelling Connection

    The Snelling Connection is a bi-yearly  newsletter that is published by a class of 4th and 5th grade Hamline Elementary students. The class is co-taught by two Hamline University students (Co-Editors). The class meets two days a week, for an hour, at Hamline Elementary School where students partake in roles as photographers, journalists, and illustrators in order to publish each issue of the newsletter. Editors are supported by a Hamline Elementary Teacher and a Hamline Faculty member.

    This collaborative program provides the university student Co-Editors with rich teaching experiences and gives elementary students the opportunity to publish their work. Additionally, several Hamline University students from the Introduction to Journalism course participate in The Snelling Connection each year by co-writing articles with Hamline Elementary students. This allows the university students to fulfill their course requirements of publishing an article as well as giving them valuable experiences of working in a classroom setting.

    The Snelling Connection is circulated around the university campus and is given to each elementary student's family. It is also delivered throughout the larger Hamline Midway community. The Snelling Connection is published bi-yearly, its issues highlighting current events of the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration.

    Get Involved!

    • For Hamline University students: Apply to become a Snelling Connection Co-Editor. Currently both co-editor positions are filled. 

    • University student tutors are encouraged to fulfill tutoring hours by working in the Snelling Connection class.

    • Everyone from the university, elementary school, and community is welcome to volunteer by helping students create the newsletter.

    • To learn more, contact Nancy Vang at nvang10@hamline.edu.

    History of the Snelling Connection

    The Snelling Connection started in 1997, when it grew from the vision of Hamline student Jenna Thompson who wanted to "get out the word" about the Collaboration. Fellow management student Scott Beginning joined the effort after both students had worked on a strategic analysis of the Collaboration in an academic course in the fall semester of 1996. It has continued to grow since then and has become one of the collaboration’s biggest successes.

    Snelling Connection Archives

    Read past and current Snelling Connection issues online at our Collaboration Portal!