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Event canceled due to weather.

Team at Pole


This event has been canceled due to weather conditions.

Twenty years since the first time, Hamline University will again host the members of the 1990 International Trans-Antarctica Expedition. This time, instead of packing up their gear at Hamline, the explorers will unpack memories, reflecting on their journey and its impact felt around the world by everyone from lawmakers to school children.

The 1990 expedition team is comprised of Minnesotan and renowned polar explorer Will Steger and accomplished adventurers from France, United Kingdom, China, Japan, and Russia.

The event, originally set for Saturday, December 11 from 3-5 p.m. at Anne Simley Theater at Hamline University, has been canceled, due to weather conditions.

As a result of the success of the 1990 expedition’s adventure learning program, Hamline University launched the Center for Global Environmental Education, which creates environmental education programs for K-12 teachers. Leading up to and following the expedition, Hamline hosted a series of summer institutes for teachers, bringing together leading Antarctic scientists with K-12 educators from around the world.

“The expedition literally changed the direction of my life, my teaching, and in many cases the lives of my students,” said Louise Huffman, a teacher from Naperville, Illinois, who attended the Antarctic Institutes.

The effects of the expedition were felt around the globe. Following the journey, the team members met with the heads of state in France, China, Russia, Japan and the U.S., calling for the ratification of the 1961 Antarctic Treaty; the Treaty involves 39 countries that cooperatively manage Antarctica for scientific purposes only.

Free tickets for this reunion event are available at The North Face Stores in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, as well as at the Center for Global Environmental Education at Hamline University, located at 1467 Hewitt Avenue. Lot parking at Hamline is free on Saturdays. 

For more information, contact Brinkley Prescott, 651-523-2591. A free-will donation of $5 from students and $10 from other adults is suggested at the door; it will go to defray the travel costs for the explorers to participate in this event.