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    Inside Out: Understanding Emotions and Regulating Behavior

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    Kari Dunn Buron, autism educator and author
    Keynote Presentation: Ain’t Just Misbehavin’: The Emerging Debate for Educators About the Neuroscience of Challenging Behavior

    In the past 10 years, there have been unprecedented advances in neuroscience related to the development of social behavior and emotional understanding including: information about social awareness, social attention, self awareness, self management and self control. Research not only shows that these skills are brain-based, but emerging educational research indicates that these skills can be taught. Gain information that should be part of every team discussion for all students who exhibit upsetting, confusing, challenging, or even violent behavior.

    Leah Kuypers, occupational therapist and author
    No Hard Feelings? Helping Students Make Sense of Their Emotions

    Explore self-regulation strategies to assist students in no longer being at the mercy of their emotions. Learn about easy-to-implement social and emotional supports that also foster a culture of compassion and respect in the classroom. Gain familiarity with various tools, techniques, and methods that help students learn to recognize and manage their feelings.

    Jill Kuzma, speech language pathologist and blogger
    Try to See It My Way: Supporting Social Understanding in School-Age Learners

    Discover strategies to teach social perspective-taking skills to children that require direct support with understanding social nuances and navigating the complexity of working collaboratively with peers. Learn specific methods for turning social misunderstandings or conflict scenarios into relevant teachable moments for children who struggle with social awareness.