• Safety and Security Staff


    Andrea Vircks, 651-523-2078

    Letter from the Director

    Assistant Director 

    Jeremy Thompson 651-523-2456

    Office Manager 

    Gene Gren, 651-523-2398



    Cromwell Jenke-Sanogo

    Thomas Malone

    Joseph Wallington

    Security Liaison 

    Mike Mulvey, 651-523-2148



    Thomas Sewing

    Rosa Culnane

    Alexandra Weissberg

    Andrew Zimmerman

    Zachary Hookom

    Isaac Scott

    Staff Dispatchers 


    Bergy Mellin 
    Chue Za Yang

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  • Student Workers

    At any given time, Hamline University Safety and Security employs a number of students as Dispatchers or Student Officers.  Student Workers are heavily relied upon for the day to day operation of the department, and are frequently called up to work various shifts, including overnights, weekends, and holidays/breaks. 

    Dispatcher General Duties:

    • Answering phone calls (emergency and non-emergency)
    • Communicating with members of the department via radio
    • Printing Hamline ID’s
    • Other administrative duties as needed

    Student Officer General Duties:

    • Patrolling all campus areas, both on foot and in a vehicle.
    • Response to emergency calls
    • Providing services (jump starts, escorts, etc.) to the campus community
    • Participation in training opportunities provided by the department

    Student workers interface directly with staff members within the department, outside of the department, and campus visitors. Complete a Student Worker Application to apply.