• ResponseWare at Hamline

    What is ResponseWare?

    ResponseWare allows students to use their smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry) or their personal computers as response devices when their professor uses TurningPoint. In order to use ResponseWare, students have to purchase a ResponseWare license, now available at the Hamline University Bookstore for either a 12-month or 4-year option.


    Will clickers and smart phones work seamlessly in the same presentation?

    Yes, responses given via clicker and smart phone/computer register seamlessly in the same presentation.

    How does that work?

    Clickers communicate via radio signal to the receiver installed in the USB drive of the classroom computer.

    Smart/phones and computers communicate via the Internet to the computer. This means that ResponseWare will only work when wireless communication is available.

    What do clicker students need to do?

    Students using clickers simply go to the Student Web Registration Utility to create an account and register their clicker. 

    What do ResponseWare students with licenses need to do?

    Students using smart phones or a computer need to do a couple of extra steps.

    1. Students purchase a ResponseWare card from the Hamline University bookstore. This card will provide them with a bar code.
    2. Next students go to ResponseWare log-in page and click on Manage to create their account with the bar code from their card. This registration process will provide them with an eight-digit license code.
    3. Now students go to  Student Web Registration Utility to create an account and register their license.
    4. Finally, students download the free app provided for ResponseWare to their smart phone or personal computer.

    What do faculty members using ResponseWare need to do?

    Faculty members who wish to use ResponseWare need to do a couple of extra steps.

    1. Faculty members need to be added to Hamline University's ResponseWare account. Please call 651.523.2861 or email us with a request to use ResponseWare account and CTL staff will add you to the university account. This will generate an email to faculty confirming their added status.
    2. Next faculty members go to  ResponseWare log-in page and create their personal ResponseWare account. This allows faculty members to create ResponseWare sessions.
    3. Finally, faculty will go to Instructor Web Registration Utility and use their Hamline email address to create their account and download their participant list. Both clicker students and ResponseWare license students who have registered will show up on the participant list.