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    First day attendance policy (Undergraduate only)

    Students are required to attend the first class meeting of all courses for which they are registered. Please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin for the attendance policy. Instructors of undergraduate courses have always had the option to deny admittance to students who did not attend the first day, but the students were required to initiate the course drop. Beginning in Fall 2016, you may submit a request to Registration and Records to have a student dropped if s/he does not attend the first class session.

    To have a student dropped from your course due to non-attendance on the first day:

    The form will be available beginning on the first day of the term and will remain open ten calendar days. The request form will ask for the student's ID number and the course CRN, so please be prepared to provide those.

    This change was made for two main reasons. First, we often have courses that are full to capacity with additional students hoping to get instructor permission to add on the first day. If students do not attend and do not take action to drop, we cannot add other students, even with an add card signed by the instructor. Second, we sometimes have students who decide not to attend during a given semester but do not tell anyone. In those cases, we would rather drop them than keep them on rosters and continue to charge them for courses in which they are not participating, only to give them failing grades and send their bills to collections in the end.

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    Access Your Class Roster in Piperline

    Class rosters are available via your Piperline account. Be sure to check your rosters often; they will change from day to day as students change their class schedules through the end of the add/drop period.

    To access your roster from the main Piperline page, click the link to login to the secure area. You will need:

    • Your Hamline ID number
    • Your Piperline PIN

    If you have not yet received your Hamline ID and PIN, contact Human Resources at 651-523-2210. If you have forgotten your PIN, enter your Hamline ID first, then click the "Forgot PIN?" button and follow the instructions. If you are still unable to login, contact the ITS Service Desk at its-service@hamline.edu or 651-523-2220.

    Once you are logged in to Piperline:

    • Click on Faculty Services
    • Read the confidentiality statement and click Continue
    • Click Term Selection and use the pull-down menu to select the appropriate term, then click Submit Term
    • Click CRN Selection (CRN stands for Course Reference Number) and use the pull-down menu to select the course for which you want to view the roster, then click Submit CRN
    • From the next menu, click Summary or Detail Class List - each choice provides different information on the roster
    • If your class has multiple sections that are cross-listed, you will be able to select a Cross-Listed Class List from the Class List Type menu at the top of the page
    • If you would like to print your roster, scroll down to the bottom and click the Text Format Roster link - this will give you a list that is easily copied and pasted into a spreadsheet or other text document

    If Piperline is down after hours (before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m.), call Safety and Security at 651-523-2100 and ask them to call the Piperline pager.

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    Class Registration Changes

    Students are responsible for making all registration changes, including drops due to non-attendance.  Registration and Records will not make changes to students' registration unless the changes are initiated by the student; even if an instructor reports them as not attending. If you have a student who appears on your roster but is not attending, please contact the student and remind her/him to drop the class. If a student is attending your class but is not on your roster, the student must either register or stop attending by the time the add/drop period ends.  Please check your classroom capacity before signing add cards that would bring your enrollment over the set maximum (displayed on your Piperline roster).

    • Undergraduate Students - Prior to the start of each term, students may change their registration online using Piperline. Once the term has started, registration changes through Piperline are limited. Please see the academic calendar for add/drop/withdraw deadlines.  If a student is unable to make their desired change using Piperline, they must complete an undergraduate add/drop card. This form requires both instructor and advisor signature (no advisor signature required for winter and summer term).
    • Graduate Students Prior to the start of each term, students may change their registration online using Piperline. Once the term has started, online registration changes are no longer available; students must contact Registration and Records by email (registrar@hamline.edu), mail, or in person to make changes to their schedule. Please see the academic calendar for graduate add/drop/withdraw deadlines.  Students must obtain instructor signature on the graduate add/drop form.

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    Email your Class

    There are two methods available for you to send email messages to the students registered for your class. 

    • Method 1 - This option will send a message to all students registered for the class as well as to the instructor(s). You can add additional recipients, you will receive a copy of the message in your "sent mail" email folder, and there is no need to log in to Piperline. Use the following algorithm where "term" is fa (fall), wi (winter), sp (spring), su (summer) and "year" is the last two digits of the year:
        Section 02 of ENG 1110 in fall 2016
      Algorithm: class-"term year"-"subject"-"course number"-"section"@listserv.hamline.edu
      Example: class-fa11-eng-1110-02@listserv.hamline.edu
    • Method 2 - This option requires that you log in to Piperline. Only the students will receive a copy of the message; you may want to save the text of your message in a Word document so that you have a record for the message. You will not be able to add other recipients and a copy will not be saved in your "sent mail" email folder. Log in to Piperline and pull up your class roster from the Faculty Services menu. Click on the "Send email to class" link on the summary or detailed class roster. You will be given a window to type your message.

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