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    First day attendance policy (Undergraduate only)

    Students are required to attend the first class meeting of all courses for which they are registered. Please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin for the attendance policy. Instructors of undergraduate courses may submit a request to Registration and Records to have students dropped if they do not attend the first class session.

    To have a student dropped from your course due to non-attendance on the first day:

    The form will be available beginning on the first day of the term and will remain open until the end of add/drop. The request form will ask for the student's ID number and the course information.

    It is important that the faculty help us know when students are not attending! We often have courses that are full to capacity with additional students hoping to get instructor permission to add on the first day. If students do not attend and do not take action to drop, we cannot add other students, even with an add card signed by the instructor. Sometimes there are students who decide not to attend during a given semester but do not tell anyone. In those cases, we would rather drop them than keep them on rosters and continue to charge them for courses in which they are not participating, only to give them failing grades and send their bills to collections in the end.

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    Access Your Class Roster in Workday

    Class rosters are available on Workday. Be sure to check your rosters often; they will change from day to day as students change their class schedules through the end of the add/drop period.

    To access your roster you will need your Workday login. If you have not yet received this, contact Human Resources at 651-523-2210. If you need assistance logging in, contact the ITS Central Service Desk csd@hamline.edu or 651-523-2220.

    Once you are logged in to Workday:

    • Type "roster" into the open bar at the top of the window
    • Click on 'View Course Section Roster'
    • Select the term, course
    For more information and a video guide, go to the Workday Student Resources site.


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    Class Registration Changes

    Students are responsible for making all registration changes; instructors may not submit registration forms on behalf of their students. If you have a student who appears on your roster but is not attending, please contact the student and remind them to drop the class. If a student is attending your class but is not on your roster, the student must either register or stop attending by the time the add/drop period ends. 


    Undergraduate Students 

    • Prior to the start of each term, students may change their registration online using Workday. 
    • Once the term has started, registration changes through Workday are limited. Please see the academic calendar for add/drop/withdraw deadlines.  
    • If a student is unable to make their desired change using Workday, they must complete anAdd/Drop/Withdrawal (Undergraduate) form and email it to our office. This form requires instructor signature, and students may use an approval email from the instructor in lieu of a physical signature. 

    Graduate Students

    • Prior to the start of each term, students may change their registration online using Workday. 
    • Once the term has started, online registration changes are no longer available. 
    • To change registration after the start of the term, students must contact Registration and Records. The easiest way to initiate registration changes is by email (registrar@hamline.edu), however, students may also visit us in person, or mail or fax registration forms (available at www.hamline.edu/registrar/forms).
    • Students must be registered prior to the start date of a course. Instructor approval is required for any registration once a course has begun.
    • Drop and withdraw deadlines for graduate students are complex and based on the individual course dates. Please refer to the Graduate Drop and Withdrawal Policies for detailed information.  

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    Email your Class

    There are two methods available for you to send email messages to the students registered for your class: EAB or Canvas. For questions regarding EAB, contact CASA at advising@hamline or 651-523-2912. For questions regarding Canvas, contact the ITS Central Service Desk at csd@hamline.edu or 651-523-2220.

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