• Piperline Grading Instructions

    The following instructions are for submitting final grades for all courses and midterm grades for undergraduate courses.

    At the Hamline Piperline homepage, click the link to login to the secure area.  You will need:

    • Your User ID, which is your Hamline ID number
    • Your Piperline PIN

    If you have forgotten your PIN, enter your User ID and then click the Forgot PIN? button.  If you are still unable to login, contact the ITS Service Desk at its-service@hamline.edu or 651-253-2220.

    Once you are logged in to Piperline:

    • Click on Faculty Services.
    • Read the confidentiality statement and click Continue.
    • Click on Term Selection.  From the pull-down menu, choose the term for which you are grading and click Submit.
    • Click on CRN Selection (course reference number).  From the pull-down menu, choose the course you would like to grade and click Submit.
    • From the next menu, click on the type of grades you would like to submit, Midterm Grades (undergraduate courses only) or Final Grades.  The Midterm or Final Grade Worksheet for the course you have chosen will be displayed.
    • Refer to the column on the worksheet labeled "Grade."  For each student, use the pull-down menu in the Grade column to select and enter the grade.  
      • Note: the "Last Attend Date" column should only be used when entering final grades of "F" or "I", and the "Attend Hours" column should never be used.
    • When all grades have been entered, click the Submit Grades button at the bottom of your grade worksheet.  
      • Note: If you have entered an "I" grade, you will be presented with a second submission screen showing the incomplete make-up deadline. You will need to press Submit a second time. See Incomplete Grades in the Special Cases/Glossary section.
    • Your grades will then be recorded and you will receive a message telling you that the changes you made were saved successfully.
    • If you are grading more than one course, go back to the menu and click on CRN Selection to retrieve the grade worksheet for another course.  Be sure to grade all of your courses for the current term.
    • To verify the grades you have submitted, check the results under the Hamline History Grade Roster link.  Rolled grades (grades that have been posted to a student's permanent record) will have a date displayed to the right.

    If Piperline is down after hours (before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m.), call Safety and Security at 651-523-2100 and ask them to call the Piperline pager.

    If you need assistance with grade entry, please contact:

    • Records Coordinator: 651-523-3000, Registrar@hamline.edu