• Grading Glossary


    Withdrawn/Non-Attending Students

    Students who have withdrawn from your class will already have a grade of W on your grade roster. You may not enter a final grade of W in Workday for any student..

    A student who has never attended your class, but does not appear with a W grade on your roster, did not officially drop or withdraw from your course. If that is the case, you must enter a grade based on their participation in the class.

    When submitting an F grade, you will be required to enter a last date of attendance for the student; if they never attended, please use a date prior to the start date of your class (see "Failing Grades" below). 


    NEW: You will need to enter a grade of AU for all students auditing your class.

    If you thought a student was auditing your course, but an AU grade does not appear as an option, the student is registered for credit and should be graded according to participation

    A-F Grades vs. Pass/No Pass Grades

    All courses require letter grades unless designated as Pass/No Pass. Available grades for Pass/No Pass are:

    • HP - High Pass: Faculty discretion
    • P - Pass: Meets minimum grade requirement for major or program of enrollment. (C- or higher for undergraduate students)
    • LP - Low Pass (NEW): Does not meet minimum grade requirement for major program of enrollment (D grades for undergraduate students)
    • N - No Pass: No credit awarded

    Please refer to the Bulletin for specific graduate grade definitions.

    Failing Grades

    When you assign a failing grade, you must also enter a "Last Date of Attendance" (or academic engagement) for the student.

    Attendance or academic engagement is attending a class, participating in an online discussion, submitting an assignment, or initiating contact with a faculty member to ask course-related questions.


    • If the student attended the entire course, use the end date of the course
    • If the student never attended the course, use a date prior to the start date of the course
    • If the student attended part of the course and you do not know the exact date you last had contact with the student, use your best estimate

    Federal Title IV mandates that higher education institutions track a student's last date of attendance or academic engagement and that Financial Aid offices recalculate federal financial aid eligibility for students who stop attending during the semester. Students who have stopped attending or actively engaging in their classes will have their financial aid adjusted.

    Ungraded Students

    New: Any grades left blank at the grading deadline will be graded as NG (No Grade Reported). If no grade is received by the Incomplete Deadline, they will convert to failing grades; no grades may remain blank after the deadline.

    In order to change an administratively assigned F/N/NG, you will need to complete the grade change process.

    Incomplete Grades

    Incomplete grades should be given only in unusual circumstances that are beyond the control of the student. An incomplete cannot be granted if a student is failing or has not completed a substantial portion of the course.

    An Incomplete Grade Request Form is required in order to give an incomplete grade. Once you and the student have worked out a plan, including deadlines, and both signed the form, turn it in to your Department Chair/ Program Director and Associate Dean; the Registration and Records office does not manage paperwork for incomplete grades. 

    Submit incomplete grades in Workday as you would any other final grade. See Faculty: Final Grading Instructions for details. There are two extra steps for incomplete grading in Workday:

    • Include a Last Date of Attendance (see “Failing Grades” above for details)
    • Include a Due Date
      • NOTE: A Due Date is required by Workday but not used by Hamline. See Grading Calendar for incomplete make-up deadline.

    A student has up to four months from the date when the grade was originally due to complete their work. Deadlines for incomplete make-up grades may be found on the Grading Calendar.

    When a student has completed their work and you are ready to submit a final grade, please follow the standard grade change process in Workday.

    EX Grades

    Some courses (such as honors projects and other senior research projects) extend into the term following the term in which the student was registered for the course.

    In these cases, the Registration & Records office will enter a grade of EX before grading opens for the term.

    EX grades should already appear on your grade roster for these courses.