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    Grading Instructions

    Accessing Piperline

    • Go to Piperline and log in with your Hamline ID and Piperline PIN. (If you do not know your PIN, please contact ITS Services at 651-523-2220 for assistance.)
    • Select the "Faculty Services" Tab.
    • Read and accept the Confidentiality Statement. (Click the Continue button to accept.)
    • Select "Final Grades" link.
    • Choose class to grade.
    • Use drop down menu to select grade for every student.

    View the Piperline Grading Instructions for extended directions.

    Grading Standards

    • All students must be graded.
      • If you think a student had dropped or withdrawn, but the student still appears on your roster without a grade of W, you must still grade the student appropriately.
    • Grades of AU, W, and EX will already appear and require no action.
    • Incomplete grades are available for students in special circumstances and with a completed Incomplete Grade Request Form.
    • The grading types available conform to the Grading Scale for the course.

    Grading Deadlines

    Please refer to the grading calendar for all grading deadlines. Grades are due at NOON on the day of the deadline.

    Undergraduate courses: You will receive emails to your Hamline email account alerting you that the grading period has opened, typically on the last day of classes but before finals. The deadline is typically one week after finals end, but check the calendar for exact dates.

    Graduate courses: Grading opens at the beginning of each term, and grades are due one week after the last day of class.

    Changing Grades

    • You can change grades in Piperline before the grade has rolled to the student’s record, indicated in Piperline by a “Y” under the Rolled column in Final Grades. For undergraduate courses, grades are rolled at noon on the day of the deadline. For graduate courses, grades are rolled over night.
    • Incompletes must be updated within 4 months of the original entry or they will be converted to an F.
    • Grades can be changed within a year after they are rolled to the student’s record.
    • Dean's approval is required if change request submitted over one year after the original grade deadline.
    • Please use the Grading Change Form to make grade changes.

    Midterm Grades (Undergraduate only)

    Undergraduate faculty are notified when midterm grading is available via email. Midterm grades help staff and advisors ensure that students are making appropriate progress towards their degrees. Similarly they help students prioritize their studies and prepare for the upcoming semester. You can input grades A through F, through P and N grades are also available if the you are unable to more accurately determine grades at that point.

    Special Cases/Glossary