• Academic Personnel Decision Timeline and Packet Contents

    The Hamline University Faculty Handbook governing faculty in the College of Liberal Arts, the School of Business, and the School of Education indicates an annual academic personnel decision timeline shall be set each year that specifies deadlines for evaluation processes for each school and that these deadlines shall be adhered to by all evaluators. The purpose of the timeline is to provide an overall perspective on when academic personnel decisions are made, and by whom. Decision must be made and materials forwarded to the next level by the dates listed on the timeline. It does not reflect any additional steps in the process that may be school specific. This timeline is updated annually by the provost's office in collaboration with faculty representatives from CLA, HSB, and HSE and is made available to all faculty via the provost's webpage. 
    Click here for the 2020-21 Academic Personnel Decision Timeline. 

    Materials required in support of tenure, promotion, emeritus, and sabbatical applications are outlined in the document titled Academic Personnel Decision Packet Contents.