• The Review and Prioritization Process

    The following is outlined visually in a diagram-- click here to view the diagram.

    Once you have submitted a request, it will first be routed to the Executive Sponsor you have identified.  The Sponsor will then receive an email notification that your submission is awaiting their review.  The Executive Sponsors will use a portal provided to them to review submissions, and after thoughtfully assessing your submission, they will indicate whether the request is sponsored or not and if sponsored, what its priority level is (low, medium or high) and what time frame is recommended for implementation (the upcoming fiscal year or a future fiscal year).  

    In the case of requests submitted that apply to academic units, the request will go to the appropriate Dean and then the Provost--- a two-step review and prioritization process.  

    If the request is not sponsored by the Executive Sponsor, the person making the request will be notified so they can reassess and possibly re-submit at a later time.

    If the request is supported, the priority level and time frame indicated will determine when the request moves on to the next step in the process.  If the priority is medium or high and the time frame is the upcoming fiscal year, the request will move on in the process immediately.  If the priority is low and/or the time frame is a future fiscal year, the request will move forward at a later date.  

    When a request is sponsored and is ready to move on to the next step in the process, the request will be reviewed by a Case Manager within ITS and/or Facilities.  A staff member in the appropriate department will review the details provided in the request, engage the requesting person so as to gain a fuller understanding of the request, gather needed information such as cost or staff hours required and produce an analysis.  

    When a request is sponsored as well as analyzed by a Case Manager and is ready to move on to the next step in the process, the request will then be made available to the appropriate committee-- the Information Technology Services Advisory Committee (ITSAC) for ITS requests, the Campus Planning Committee (CPC) for Facilities requests and both committees for Both (ITS & Facilities) requests.  As previously stated, “other” requests are routed to Finance immediately after submission.   

    The committee(s), having access to the text of the original request, the Sponsors review and comments and the Case Manager’s analysis,  will review the request and provide a recommendation in the context of all other requests than have been submitted and recommended by an Executive Sponsor for implementation soon.  Essentially, the committee(s) will rank requests that are of significant priority for the next fiscal year.  

    The request will then go to the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC), and the BAC will consider the committee’s ranking of the request (and the other contributions that led to the ranking, as necessary), and will advise the President’s Staff.  If given final approval by the President’s Staff, the request will officially turn into a project and will be scheduled for implementation according not only to the specifics of the original request but also according to the combined advice and guidance of the Executive Sponsor(s), the ITS or Facilities case managers, the ITSAC and/or CPC committees and the BAC.  

    The Executive Sponsor Portal

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    Project Call Request Status Reports

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