Hamline Policies

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University Authority and Civil Penalties

Owner: President's Office, Vice President for Finance

Pertains to: All students

Description: Hamline University has adopted the following policy regarding university authority and civil penalties.


Activities of Hamline students may occasionally result in violations of civil law. In such cases, officers of the university are prepared to apprise students of sources of legal counsel and to provide such other assistance as may be within their competence, except that the university will not retain legal counsel for the student or to try to stand between the student and civil authority so as to insulate the student from the legal consequences of his or her own conduct.

While Hamline University cannot be responsible for the enforcement of civil law, it must cooperate with the enforcement of such law by duly constituted authority when requested to do so. No student, however, will be penalized by judicial action because of having been accused and/or convicted by a civil court, unless the nature of the violation is such as to raise serious question about the wisdom of allowing such a student to continue at Hamline. In such a case, determination will be governed by the university judicial system, beginning with the student judiciary, and will be governed by the stipulations of the Hamline University Student Judicial System.

Students have the responsibility to conduct themselves off the campus in a manner consistent with the provisions of civil law and not to attempt to make the university a haven for activities, which violate that law.