Hamline Policies

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Time Limits for Graduate Students

Owner: Academic Dean's Office

Pertains to: Graduate students

Description: Hamline University has adopted the following policy on time limits for graduate students.



Regularly scheduled courses, independent studies, and internships are to be completed within one term. With an instructor’s approval, any graduate student may take an incomplete in a course. An N (No Credit) is assigned if the student does not complete the course within four months of the end of the term of registration. If an incomplete or missing grade has been converted to an N, the student may complete the necessary course work, at the instructor’s discretion, within one year of receiving the grade. The student may not complete course work after that time.

Program Completion for Degree Program Students

Master’s degree programs are to be completed within seven years. In extenuating circumstances, the student may make a written request to the program dean for an extension of the seven-year limit. The letter should outline the reasons for the request and a time line for completing degree requirements.

Program Completion for Non-Degree Students

Licensure program completion has no time limits; however, students should note that Hamline University retains the right to modify learning contracts to reflect program changes. If changes occur, students will be given one-year advance notice of the change.

Final Paper/Project



Time Limit:


Graduate School of Liberal Studies (MALS)

One Semester. Synthesis must be completed in two years. If the student is unable to do so, he/she must reregister and pay for the course again.

Thesis I and II

Graduate School of Liberal Studies (MFA)

Each thesis registration must be completed in two semesters. If the student is unable to do so, he/she must reregister.

Independent Problem Analysis

School of Business

2 Terms


School of Business

1 Term

Dissertation I-III

School of Business

Dissertations should be completed within 1.5 to 2 years.



School of Education

Capstones must be completed in 2 years from the term of registration. If it is not completed in this time frame, the student must reregister for the capstone course.

Dissertation I-IV

School of Education

Dissertations must be completed within the seven-year program time limit. Extensions may be granted upon request to the program director.