Hamline Policies

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Residential Life Conduct Process and Point System

Owner: Residential Life

Pertains to: Residential students

Description: Hamline University has adopted the following judicial process for residential students.


The residence halls operate under the Student Conduct System of the Hamline University.

Sanctions continue throughout a student's time at Hamline. Students who live off-campus and are on Residential Life Probation will not be allowed to visit the residence halls or apartments. When a student is placed on probation, a letter maybe sent to his/her parents or guardians. When a student is evicted, there is no refund for remaining room and board charges.

If an individual does not abide by and/or fulfill designated sanctions or are involved in subsequent policy violations will be subject to further conduct action.

Point System for Room Selection and Community Recognition

Throughout the year, points will be given to residence hall students for participation in leadership positions, attendance at hall programs, and for support of community and judicial expectations. These points will be added or deducted from the lottery points used for room selection. The value of these points is significant, such that someone with very high points may be able to surpass someone in the class ahead in selecting a room, including single rooms.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Points Added:

  • Leadership Position 50 points
  • Monthly Award 50 points
  • Annual Award 200 points
  • Resident of the Month 50 points
  • No judicial violations 150 points
  • Attendance at programs 5-6: 100 points
  • 7-10: 150 points
  • >10: 200 points

Points Deducted

  • Judicial Warning -25 points
  • Community Service Completed: -50 points
  • Not completed: -200 points
  • Probation -300 points
  • Failure to attend hearing -50 points

See also Hamline University Student Conduct System for additional information on conduct process and sanctioning.