Hamline Policies

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Posting and Canvassing Policy

Adopted by: President's Staff

Owner: University Relations

Pertains to: All students, faculty, and staff

Description: Out of consideration for the right of free expression, the rights of viewers, civility, tolerance, and respect, the following guidelines are to be followed when posting or displaying notices or information or when canvassing on the Hamline University campus.


Out of consideration for the right of free expression, the rights of viewers, civility, tolerance, and respect, the following guidelines are to be followed when posting banners, brochures, flyers or digital display signs on the Hamline University Campus.


 Requirements for ALL Postings:
All postings must include:

  • Name of Hamline Office, Department, or Student Organization sponsoring content
  • Contact information including a phone number, address, web address, or email address of Hamline Office, Department or Student Organization sponsoring content

Postings for events must also include:

  • Event Name and Description
  • Date and Time of Event
  • Location of Event

 Posting Materials and fixtures:

  • All materials used should be of high standards and made of appropriate materials, for instance the use of bed sheets or other such items will not be permitted.
  • Paper craft materials are available for student groups in the Involvement Center located in Anderson Center Room 319.
  • No nails, decals, bumper stickers, contact paper, glue, masking tape, duct tape, or other substances may be used to attach postings to boards and banner locations (painter’s tape, thumb tacks, staples, and string are appropriate).
  • Postings are further limited by fire code and may be removed at the discretion of the respective building management and Safety and Security. Groups and individuals are asked to keep this in mind when choosing the size of their postings.

 The following may not be posted any time or anywhere

  • Any direct or indirect promotion of or reference to the sale, use or distribution of alcohol or drugs in connection with any university event
  • Any obscene material
  • Any material which would violate applicable law or any university policy (such as policies prohibiting harassment)

Types of posting:

 Flyers and poster:

  • All flyers and posters must be date stamped and approved by the Anderson Center Front Desk
  • Approved places for posting include bulletin boards, public kiosks, and residence halls*
  • Posting is not permitted on glass, mirrors, windows, doors, walls (interior or exterior, trees, ceilings, or other overhead room structures, or obstructing the view or access of fire exits or other entrances or exits to buildings.

*See Housing and Residence life for other requirements for posting within residential buildings on campus


  • Permission to display brochures is at the discretion of manager of desk, kiosk or campus location you wish to use.
  • Approval for Anderson Center can be directed to Anderson Center Welcome Desk, Bush Center to the Dean of Students Office, Library and other offices to the director of that office.

Hanging banners:
Locations include GLC Lobby, Anderson Center, Bush Center and Library

  • All Banners must adhere to the same posting requirements for flyers and posters in terms of content, approval, and permitted locations.
  • Banners in GLC and the Library are first come first serve locations and not to be reserved
  • Banners in Bush Center must be approved by the Dean of Students Office (locations in this building include from the ceiling when you first walk in from the main entrance, and from the Ballroom Balcony
  • Banners in Anderson Center must be reserved through the front desk and adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Anderson Center management (Details on this policy can be found at the Anderson Center Front Desk).


  • In addition to the University Posting Policy, any student group/organization using the Bishop in advertising must adhere to the following guidelines:
    • Clothing – The Bishop statue may be dressed as a part of the advertising plan. T-shirts (Size 3XL) fit on the statue. Groups are not allowed to dress the Bishop in undergarments or items that may be viewed as obscene or offensive.
    • Length – Due to the high visibility and popularity of using the Bishop for advertising, groups/organizations should limit the length of their advertising on the Bishop to 7 days.
    • Removal – Groups/Organizations are responsible for removing items posted on the Bishop after the end of the advertising.
    • Damage – The Bishop cannot be damaged in any way through the advertising process; this includes paint or ink of any kind on the surface of the statue, the statue being chipped or broken and/or items being attached to the statue in any manner that causes surface damage (including stickers, glue, etc.).
  • The University is not responsible for any items left on the Bishop that are stolen. Any items posted on the Bishop viewed as inappropriate will be removed.
  • The Bishop is a popular spot to advertise for Campus Events. Any announcements posted on the Bishop statue must follow the University Posting Policy. Please remain aware that the Bishop Statue, although a part of the Hamline University Campus is viewable from the Saint Paul Public Street. Only events open to the general public should be posted on the Bishop. Also, any items placed on the Bishop may be removed by someone not a member of the Hamline Community.
  • All activities associated with the Bishop must be approved by the Dean of Student of the Director of Safety and Security.

Digital Displays:

  • Campus departments, offices, and student organizations are welcome to submit information and graphics to be displayed on the digital displays across campus. Information on the policies and procedures for this form of posting can be found at http://www.hamline.edu/offices/brand-experience/digital-signage/


Canvassing is defined in this policy as an activity undertaken to gain support for some purpose, but not to solicit money for any purpose (campaigns, charity, and commercial alike).

On the basis of this definition, non-Hamline groups wishing to canvass students, faculty, and staff on the Hamline University campus grounds must have prior permission from the Conference and Events Services office (space@hamline.edu or 651-523-2474), and may conduct their canvassing only on public/city streets and sidewalks.

Canvassing may not occur in the interior of campus or within buildings, unless expressly permitted by Minnesota State Law.