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Anderson Center Meeting Room Policy

Owner: Academic Dean's Office

Description: This policy covers the use of the meeting rooms located in the Anderson Center.


To ensure that the Anderson Center Meeting Rooms are issued on an equitable basis, regardless of the affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use, the following guidelines and procedures have been established.

To Check Out a Room

  • Request room availability at the Welcome Desk

  • Present ID – ID will be kept at the Welcome Desk until individual Checks Out of room

  • Welcome Desk Staff will document

    • Name / ID Number

    • Room Issued

    • Date / Time In / Time Out

  • Welcome Desk Staff will return ID after a visual inspection of the space is complete and it is determined that the space is in a satisfactory condition, and that all property is accounted for.

Usage / Time Limit

  • Rooms cannot be reserved.

    • All requests will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

  • The two hour time limit will be strictly enforced.

  • By signing the Check In/Out Book, the signer agrees to vacate the premises at the two hour mark.

    • Exceptions will not be provided if room is in demand.

  • Additional occupants (Individuals occupying the room along with signer) cannot check out the same space without vacating the premises for 15 minutes to ensure that anyone waiting has an opportunity to check out the room.

  • An individual is not eligible to check out the same space more than once on the same calendar day.

    • Exceptions will be provided if room(s) is/are not in demand.

Damage / Theft

  • The signer agrees to assume responsibility for any damage to, or loss of property located in the Meeting Room assigned to them.

  • The signer agrees to assume responsibility for the actions of the additional occupants (Individuals occupying the room along with signer) of the room.

Hamline University and the Anderson Center Management Staff reserve the right to adjust this policy as needed.