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Google Apps for Education Groups Policy

Department responsible: ITS Management Office

Adopted by: ITS Management Office

Owner: ITS Management Office

Pertains to: University Wide

Description: To establish the approach Hamline University will use in the administration and management of Google Groups and to establish the appropriate use of Google Groups by the Hamline user community.



To establish the approach Hamline University will use in the administration and management of Google Groups and to establish the appropriate use of Google Groups by the Hamline user community.


This policy applies to users of Hamline's Google domain and services.


Google Groups

Google Group memberships will be populated in three different ways depending on the nature of the Group, resulting in three main Group types:

  1. Affiliation Groups (Centrally-Managed) – These Groups are automatically populated with members based on the Banner affiliation of an employee or student.   For example, class rosters, departmental staff, etc. Membership is controlled automatically as a result of the normal process of hiring, termination, and registration.

  2. Standing Groups (Self-Managed) –  These Groups are commonly needed, inter-departmental, or have a campus-wide focus. For example, committees, student workers in a department, organizations, etc.  Membership is controlled by the designated Group Manager by using Hamline system of record and is reviewed by the Group Manager at least annually.

  3. Ad-Hoc Groups (Self-Managed) – These Groups do not fit either of the previous two categories; for example, project teams, unofficial student organizations, etc. Membership is controlled by the Group Manager within the Google Apps interface. These Groups are intended to expire annually following Commencement, as they are temporary Groups.  A Group Manager may request renewal of the Group through ITS for an additional year. If a group is needed on an ongoing basis, a Standing Group or Affiliation Group should be used.

The following stipulations will guide the use of all Google Group types at Hamline:

  • All Google Groups will be initially created by Hamline ITS processes and Hamline ITS will be established as the Group Owner.

  • All Google Groups will follow a prescribed naming convention (the convention varies depending on which Group type is used and on the function of the particular Group)

  • A Google Group's email address must match the Group Name and Description.

  • A Group Manager must be identified at the time of the Group request, must be a member of the Hamline Google Apps domain, and for Affiliation and Standing groups, the Group Manager must also be Hamline employee.

  • Each Group Manager is responsible for maintaining accurate membership and permissions of their Google Group.

  • Each Group Manager is responsible for completing the prerequisite Google Groups management training.  

  • Hamline Google Groups will not be open to the public at large (however, if the Group Managers so designates, Google Groups can have members external to the Hamline domain if they are invited).

Policy Background and Implications

This policy is intended to provide an efficient way to locate, identify and manage a large number of Google Groups. Wherever possible, membership should be driven by existing systems of record which already contain affiliation identifiers. Offering a central owner of Google Groups ensures the Group is secure from public access and deletion.

Changes to this Policy

Hamline reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Hamline will post the most up-to-date, approved version of the policy on Hamline's web site and may, at its discretion, provide users with additional notice of significant changes.

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If you have questions or comments please contact the ITS Management Office at itsmgmt@hamline.edu.