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Vacation Leave for Staff Employees

Owner: Human Resources

Pertains to: All Staff

Description: Hamline University is committed to providing eligible staff employees paid time off from work as vacation leave.


Full-Time Employees:  Regular, non-temporary, non-union, staff are eligible to receive paid time off for vacation and other personal needs each year (“vacation leave”) under this policy.  Vacation leave hours will be allotted to eligible, 1.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees on July 1st of each year as follows:

Employee’s Length of Service:    Hours of Vacation Leave Allotted Per Fiscal Year:

0 – 2.99 years of service              80 hours (10 days)

3 – 4.99 years of service              120 hours (15 days)

5 or more years of service           160 hours (20 days)

Hamline University measures an employee’s length of service for purposes of this policy from the most recent hire date. Previous work for the University as an employee in any capacity, or as a student worker, temporary employee, or independent contractor, will not be included in calculating an individual’s length of service for purposes of this Vacation Leave Policy.

There will be no deviation from the above vacation allotment unless prior arrangements have been made with written approval of the Human Resources leader.

Employees in Less Than 1.0 FTE Status:  Unless prior arrangements have been made with written approval of the Human Resources leader, vacation leave hours are allotted to eligible employees who are in less than 1.0 full-time equivalent status (regularly scheduled less than 40 hours a week / less than 1.0 FTE) on July 1st of each year in a lump sum amount consistent with the schedule above, but pro-rated based on the employee’s full-time equivalent (FTE) status.

Employees Hired During the Fiscal Year:  Hamline University’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.  Eligible employees whose employment begins on a date other than July 1 will receive their vacation leave allotment upon hire in a lump sum amount pro-rated based on their first date of employment through the following June 30.  Because these employees will have an annual service anniversary on a date other than July 1, on the employee’s 3rd and 5th year service anniversaries at the University, the employee will receive an additional allotment of vacation leave hours based on that new level reached, but pro-rated based on the portion of the fiscal year that they will be at that higher level. Employees should contact the Payroll Office with questions to determine how many hours they will receive under the prorated amount.

Use of Vacation Leave:  An employee may use any vacation leave hours that have been allotted to the employee, subject to prior approval from the employee’s Department leader.  While the University respects that time off is needed in order to stay refreshed and focused, and therefore encourages employees to plan time away from the office and use their available vacation leave hours, on occasion, an employee’s request to use vacation leave hours may be denied as a result of business needs.  Exempt employees may use vacation leave time in increments of whole days (8 hours) or half days (4 hours), while non-exempt employees may use Vacation Leave time in hourly increments.

Carryover of Vacation Leave:  Consistent with the University’s commitment to encouraging employees to take time off and utilize their vacation leave allotment, any allotted vacation leave hours that are unused at the end of a fiscal year (June 30) will not be carried over for use in the following fiscal year.  To the extent an employee believes that unique circumstances warrant an exception to this general prohibition on carrying over unused vacation leave, the employee should submit documentation explaining the unique circumstances and justification for an exception to the Office of Human Resources.

No Payout of Vacation Leave Upon Termination:  Allotted but unused vacation leave hours will not be paid out to employees upon termination of employment, regardless of the reason for termination.  Once an employee submits a resignation, the employee may request the use of their vacation allotment, however, as with all other vacation requests, vacation leave hours may be denied as a result of business needs.  Employees are expected to work and be on campus their final week of employment, and may not use any allotted but unused vacation during that time.

Collective Bargaining Agreements: For the avoidance of doubt, this vacation leave policy does not apply to staff employees covered under the collective bargaining agreement between The International Union of Operating Engineers, Local No. 70, and Hamline University.  Employees covered under that collective bargaining agreement should refer to that agreement.

This policy is for informational purposes only. It is not a contract of employment, and nothing in it is intended to create or imply a contract for employment or for the provision of any employment benefit. Hamline University reserves the right to interpret the provisions of this policy and to modify any or all matters contained in this policy at any time, with or without prior notice, subject to applicable law. Hamline also may choose not to apply a policy in certain circumstances, if it determines a different course of action is more appropriate in that circumstance.