Hamline Policies

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Department Conference Room Scheduling

Department responsible: Scheduling Office

Adopted by: Administrative Cabinet

Owner: CEM

Pertains to: Faculty, Staff, Students

Description: Defines and identifies the use of “department” conference rooms and how they are scheduled.



Conference rooms where users need to walk through another office or department area are considered “off-line rooms.” They will not be visible in 25Live to general users.

  • This policy applies to all users of Hamline University spaces
  • These areas will be scheduled by each individual department in which they are located
  • CEM reserves the right to contact the department and request use if the space is needed.
  • All other conference rooms will be visible and available to schedule in 25Live.

This policy is for informational purposes only. It is not a contract of employment, and nothing in it is intended to create or imply a contract for employment or for the provision of any employment benefit. Hamline University reserves the right to interpret the provisions of this policy and to modify any or all matters contained in this policy at any time, with or without prior notice, subject to applicable law.