Hamline Policies

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Bishop Advertising/Dressing

Owner: Dean of Students

Pertains to: Faculty, Staff, Students, Visitors

Description: The following policy covers using the Bishop statue to advertise for Campus Events.


The Bishop is a popular spot to advertise for Campus Events. Any announcements posted on the Bishop statue must follow the University Posting Policy. Please remain aware that the Bishop Statue, although a part of the Hamline University Campus is viewable from the Saint Paul Public Street. Only events open to the general public should be posted on the Bishop. Also, any items placed on the Bishop may be removed by someone not a member of the Hamline Community.

In addition to the University Posting Policy, any student group/organization using the Bishop in advertising must adhere to the following guidelines:


The Bishop statue may be dressed as a part of the advertising plan. Tshirts (sixe 3XL) fit on the statue. Groups are not allowed to dress the Bishop in undergraments or items that may be viewed as obscene or offensive.


Due to the high visibility and popularity of using the Bishop for advertising, groups/organizations should limit the length of their advertising on the Bishop to 7 days.


Groups/Organizations are responsible for removing items posted on the Bishop after the end of the advertising.


The Bishop can not be damaged in any way through the advertising process, this includes paint or ink of any kind on the surface of the statue, the statue being chipped or broken and/or items being attached to the statue in any manner that causes surface damage (including stickers, glue, etc.).

The University is not responsible for any items left on the Bishop that are stolen. Any items posted on the Bishop viewed as inappropriate will be removed.