• Policies A-Z

    Alphabetical listing of all policies at Hamline University

    • Academic Integrity for Graduate Students

      Dishonesty of any kind in relation to academic work threatens the integrity of the academic enterprise and is prohibited at Hamline University.

    • Academic Progress: Graduate Students

      Students who do not make satisfactory academic progress may be suspended at the discretion of the program dean/director and the faculty advisory committee.

    • Administrative Remote Access Software Policy

      This policy provides Hamline ITS with the ability to resolve computer problems and to provide Hamline computer users with an understanding of their rights under the use of Remote Access Software

    • Admission to Graduate Programs

      Students wishing to enroll in degree program coursework must be either fully admitted to the degree program or admitted with conditional or special status.

    • Alcohol Policy: Serving Alcohol at Events

      Alcohol Policy: Serving Alcohol at Events Vice President for Finance and Administration Any event sponsored, funded, or hosted by any Hamline University organization, department, or rental group on Hamline University property. The following policy covers alcohol use at certain events on the university campus

    • All Student Travel Policy

      This travel policy is design to cover travel by students with, on behalf of, or otherwise sponsored by Hamline University that is outside the Twin Cities Metro area (or approximately 50 miles away from the St. Paul campus). It requires that all student participants must sign a general liability waiver and provide emergency contact information to be held in a Hamline-based office for the duration of the travel.

    • Anderson Center Meeting Room Policy

      This policy covers the use of the meeting rooms located in the Anderson Center.

    • Appliance Policy: Residence Halls

      The list of equipment not allowed in the residence halls includes, but is not limited, to: air conditioners, halogen lamps, water beds, charcoal and gas grills, hot plates, motorbikes, motorcycles, candles, incense, toasters...

    • Attendance and Assignments Policy for Graduate Students

      Overview of policies related to attendance and assignments for graduate students.

    • Auditing a Master's-level Course

      Students may audit master’s level courses on a space-available basis and with permission of the program office.

    • Bandwidth Use and Copyright Infringement Policy

      ITS has adopted the following policy on bandwidth use and copyright infringement.

    • Building Use Policy

      The following building use rules are necessary to preserve the quality of our environment.

    • Capital Purchasing Policy

      Capital Purchasing Policy VP Finance VP Finance Finance All Employees To establish guidelines defining what constitutes a capital asset and the process needed for proper purchasing and recording of capital assets by the various departments Capital Purchasing Policy - Login Required

    • Class Cancellation: Graduate Courses

      In the unlikely event that course enrollment does not reach the minimum, the course will be canceled. Students are notified seven days in advance.

    • Classroom and Space Reservations - Campus Wide Scheduling Blackout Policy

      Classroom and Space Reservations - Campus Wide Scheduling Blackout Policy Administrative Cabinet Facilities Facilities This policy is to minimize conflicts when large campus-wide events happen. Purpose This policy is to minimize conflicts when large campus-wide events happen.  A Campus-Wide Ev

    • Computer Lab Software Policy

      In order to ensure the reliability and performance of software applications running in the computer labs, ITS has adopted this policy for all discipline-specific software applications needed.

    • Cooking in Residence Halls

      Cooking is allowed only in kitchen areas in each residence hall or in the kitchens of the apartments.

    • Course Credit: Graduate Courses

      Hamline University has adopted the following policy regarding graduate course credit.

    • Damages and Alterations to Residence Halls

      Students must maintain the housing unit in a clean and orderly condition.

    • Data Privacy Policy

      Data Privacy Policy ITS ITS ITS All Employees To establish the data protection standards for the storage and transmission of sensitive or confidential information as obtained and managed at Hamline University. This policy is to establish the data protection standards for the storage and transmissi

    • Debt Policy

      Debt Policy VP Finance Finance Finance All Employees This Debt Policy Statement serves to articulate Hamline University’s philosophy regarding debt and to establish a framework to help guide decisions regarding the use and management of debt. Debt Policy - Login Required

    • Delegation of Authority Policy

      The purpose of this document is to expressly convey the delegation of authority (including Budget Authority) from the Board and President/CEO for Trustees of the Hamline University of Minnesota.

    • Discrimination and Harassment Policy

      Hamline University will not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or retaliation based on race; color; sex; gender; gender identity or gender expression; sexual orientation; ethnic background; national origin; marital, domestic partner or parental status; status with regard to public assistance; disability; religion; age; or veteran status in its employment or educational opportunities.

    • Disorderly Conduct

      Disorderly conduct is prohibited and includes, but is not limited to, public intoxication, property destruction, disrespectful or obscene behavior, libel, slander, gambling, and conduct, which threaten the mental health, physical health, or safety of anyone.

    • Diversity Policy

      Hamline University commits itself to inviting, supporting and affirming cultural diversity on the campus. All university programs and practices, academic and co-curricular, shall be designed to create a learning environment in which cultural differences are valued.

    • Drug Free Workplace Policy

      Hamline University is committed to promoting an environment that rejects substance abuse as an acceptable lifestyle, to helping individuals obtain help for substance abuse problems, and to encouraging individuals to make health decisions about alcohol and other drugs.

    • Email Distribution Policy

      Email Distribution Policy ITS and Marketing Communications Faculty and staff hold for updates hold for updates

    • Email Policy (Employees)

      All faculty and all staff members are required to use their Gmail email account for Hamline-related correspondence.

    • Evaluation Policy: Graduate Courses

      Students are expected to evaluate their current courses and quality of instruction at the conclusion of every course.

    • Faculty Handbook

      Hamline University Faculty Handbook: CLA, GLS, HSB, HSE

    • Faculty Rank, Tenure, and Evaluation Policy

      Hamline University seeks to sustain and improve its academic stature. Maintaining and improving the quality of the faculty is a critical means of achieving these ends.

    • Failure to Comply

      Students are required to comply with directions and/or identify themselves to university officials or law enforcement officers acting in performance of their duties.

    • Falsification of Information

      Forgery, falsification, alteration, or misuse of identification cards or misrepresentation of any kind to a university office or official is prohibited.

    • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: Release of Student Information

      The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended, was designated to protect the privacy of education records, and to provide guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data through informal and formal hearings.

    • Financial Aid and Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy: Undergraduate Students

      Financial aid eligibility is based on satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards that Hamline University's financial aid office is required by the U. S. Department of Education to establish, publish, and apply.

    • Financial Policies and Procedures: Graduate Students

      The brochure Financial Policies and Procedures is distributed to new degree-seeking students.

    • Fire and Building Evacuation Policy

      All residents and their guests are expected to respond appropriately and immediately whenever a fire alarm is sounded or whenever severe weather requires residents to relocate to a safer place in the building.

    • Fire Safety Equipment Policy

      Interference with, tampering, or misuse of fire alarms, emergency telephones, elevators, or other safety or security equipment or programs is prohibited.

    • Firearms and Weapons Policy

      Hamline University maintains a strict policy prohibiting weapons in the university community, including legal and authorized weapons.

    • Four-Year Graduation Assurance

      First-year students at Hamline University may enter into a partnership with the institution to ensure completion of their bachelor’s degree within four years.

    • Google Apps: Terms of Service for Education Use

      This policy describes Hamline University's terms of service for the use of the Google Apps for Education services.

    • Grading Policy

      Grading Policy Registration & Records Registration & Records Grade Definitions and Grading Information Grade Definitions and Grading Information Grade Definitions and Grading Information Grade   Honor Points   Definitions           A 4.0

    • Grants and Contract Accounting Responsibilities

      Grants and Contract Accounting Responsibilities Accounting Office Faculty and Staff The primary responsibilities for the administrative and financial management of externally sponsored projects range from account establishment through transactions processing and compliance review, cash management, fi

    • Guests, Visitation, and Escort Policy

      Hamline University's residential life office has adopted the following policy for residential guests and visitors.

    • Harassment and Sexual Misconduct: Procedures for Addressing Complaints Against Students

      This policy lists procedures for addressing harassment and/or sexual misconduct complaints against students.  The sexual misconduct and harassment policies for the University are found under University Wide Policies.

    • Hate Incident and Crime Protocol

      Hamline is dedicated to maintaining a respectful environment free from all forms of harassment, hostility, and violence. Any act that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably or substantially interfering with an individual's safety and security by creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational or working environment will not be permitted.

    • Honor Code - Undergraduate Students

        Every member of the Hamline University community—students, faculty, administrators, and staff—is responsible for upholding the highest standards of academic integrity at all times.

    • Honorarium Policy

      Honorarium Policy VP Finance Finance Finance All Employees To establish policy and guidelines for payments made to individuals (non-Hamline employees) for services provided to the University through an honorarium. Honoraria Policy - Login Required Honoraria Forms - Login Required

    • Identity theft

      Hamline University has adopted the following policy on identity theft.

    • Intolerant acts

      Acts of Intolerance Residential Life Acts that negatively target a group or individual because of their group identity or perceived group identity are prohibited. Acts that negatively target a group or individual because of their group identity or perceived group identity are prohibited. Acts of

    • Investment Policy

      Investment Policy Hamline Board of Trustees Investment Committee of the BOT Finance All Employees Establish formal yet flexible guidelines incorporating prudent risk parameters appropriate asset guidelines and realistic return goals. Investment Policy - Login Required

    • ITS Technology Equipment Loan Policy

      This policy establishes the parameters under which technological equipment will be loaned to Hamline employees and/or students by Hamline ITS, and under which Hamline users may borrow and use said equipment.

    • Keys - Residential Students

      Keys and Access Cards Policy Residential Life Residential students Lost keys and access cards must be reported immediately. Keys may not be duplicated or loaned to other students. Lost keys and access cards must be reported immediately. Keys may not be duplicated or loaned to other students. A los

    • Lactation and Pregnancy Accomodation

      Lactation and Pregnancy Accommodation Human Resources Faculty, Staff https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WVhuUiq8GR5CxU6xl_c4vqSsq5oVvsn_aSx_Sd-sCDU/edit Hamline University provides reasonable break time to accommodate the expression of breast milk, offers reasonable accommodation for employees wi

    • Law Violations: Residential Students

        Violations of any federal, state, or local law are prohibited.

    • Name change

      Name change requests for current students must be made to the students’ respective registrar’s office. Hamline alumni can make requests to either their respective alumni or registrar’s office.

    • Network Connection Policy: Students

      The following policy outlines the guidelines for student use of Hamline University's network and the support limitation provided to student for resolving network connection.

    • Parking

      The following policies and procedures have been established to maximize the use of parking facilities for the entire university community and minimize the impact of university parking on our neighbors.

    • Pets: Residential Students

      Pets Policy Residential Life Residential students No pets or animals of any kinds may reside in student housing except fish. Trained service animals for people with disabilities will be permitted upon written approval of the university. No pets or animals of any kinds may reside in student housing.

    • Physical abuse/threats

      Physical abuse, verbal or written threat, intimidation, harassment, coercion, sexual violence, or conduct which threatens the health, well-being, or safety of any person is prohibited.

    • PiperXpress HC Codes Policy

      PiperXpress HC Codes Policy Admin Cabinet, January 13, 2016 Information Technology Services Information Technology Services Employees who order bulk mail projects through outside print vendors that are posted offsite from Hamline, must request an HC code to accurately track postage back to the correct

    • Political candidate/campaign

      This policy outlines the regulations Hamline University, its faculty, staff, and students, including student organizations, must follow in regard to political campaigns and candidates.

    • Posting and canvassing

      Out of consideration for the right of free expression, the rights of viewers, civility, tolerance, and respect, the following guidelines are to be followed when posting or displaying notices or information or when canvassing on the Hamline University campus.

    • Quiet Hours: Residence Halls

       Quiet hours begin at 10 p.m. on Sundays through Thursdays and at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Quiet hours end at 9 a.m. each day.

    • Recreation: Residence Halls

        Athletic or recreational games or use of recreational equipment are not allowed in the common areas of the residence halls, apartments, and houses.

    • Registration: Graduate Students

      The Hamline registration web site at www.hamline.edu/registration lists registration instructions, course information, an academic calendar for the term, and registration forms for degree and licensure students. Registration closes the day before the beginning of the term. Courses involving travel or other events may have earlier deadlines.

    • Release of phone/email

      Faculty telephone numbers and email addresses will only be released with permission from the faculty member. Faculty members should inform their school or program office of their preference for release of telephone numbers and email addresses.

    • Religious Holiday Observance Policy

      Hamline University acknowledges that students follow many different religious faiths and practices, which occasionally require that students need to miss classes for holidays on dates when the university remains open.

    • Residential Life Conduct Process

      Hamline University has adopted the following judicial process for residential students.

    • Residential Students: Posted Policies

      Each student is responsible for all other posted or published residence hall policies.

    • Response to crimes

      The purpose of these guidelines is to provide information and suggestions for victims of such crimes. Hamline is committed to providing every possible assistance to crime victims.

    • Restricted funds

      This document is intended to assist university employees in managing restricted funds. Always refer to specific funding agreements, proposals, and university policy for clarification.

    • Room Capacity: Residence Halls

      No more than four times the official capacity of a room may be in a room at any given time (example: 12 people in a triple or three bedroom apartment) for socializing purposes. For single rooms and studios, a maximum of eight people are allowed in the room at the same time.

    • Sexual Misconduct: Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct

      Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct Dean of Students, Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors of Hamline University Hamline University does not tolerate sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking, and any related retaliation

    • Smoking: Residence Halls

      Students are not allowed to smoke in the residence halls. Smoking is allowed outside the residence hall at least 25 feet away from the building. Hookahs (or waterpipes) are not allowed in the Residence Halls.

    • Social media

      Because social media is relatively new to many employees, here are some “best practice” guidelines to help you use these forums effectively, protect your personal and professional reputation, and follow university policies.

    • Social media: official

      If your department is interested in creating an official user account for Hamline University on a social networking site, such as a “Hamline English Department” fan page on Facebook, the chair of the department (or a faculty or staff member with permission from the chair of their department) must contact the Public Relations department.

    • Social media: personal

      Hamline University has adopted the following policy related to faculty and staff personal use of social media.

    • Software

      Hamline University has adopted the following policy and procedure to ensure that both applicable licensing laws are met and that the overall stability of the university computing environment are maintained.

    • Student Media Board

      The student press at Hamline University exists to give the students a vehicle for the broad expression of their views on matters of concern to them. In brief, it is a press governed by and for the students. It is free from censorship or advance approval of copy by the university or any part of it, and the editorial staff is free to develop its own editorial policy and provide such news coverage as it finds appropriate.

    • Student Rights - Undergraduate Students

      Hamline University, by vote of the undergraduate faculty and student congress, endorses the principles embodied in the Joint Statement on the Rights and Freedoms of Students document drafted by several national associations. The purpose of this document is to apply to Hamline University, in practice, the principles outlined in the joint statement.

    • Student Status - Graduate Students

      Hamline University has adopted the following policy on graduate student status.

    • Technology use

      All users of Hamline's technology are expected to observe the highest standards of responsibility and ethics. In general this means that an individual's use of technology should not infringe on the rights of other users, utilize an unfair share of system resources, or interfere with the normal operation of the computer system.

    • TechSelect Mobile Device Policy

      To establish the parameters of a technology acquisition program (TechSelect) that constitutes Hamline University’s official and required process of end-user technology hardware, device, and service acquisition and to stipulate the conditions under which Hamline-owned or personally-owned mobile devices may be used at Hamline University within the confines of said TechSelect program.

    • TechSelect Technology Acquisition Policy

      The policy establishes (1) the appropriate means by which Hamline employees may acquire desktops, laptops, monitors, mobile computing devices, and related peripherals/accessories, and (2) establishes the employee responsibility inherent in taking possession of leased equipment.

    • Theft

      Theft of or illegal possession of any personal or university property or services is prohibited.

    • Time limits - grad

      Hamline University has adopted the following policy on time limits for graduate students.

    • Timekeeping / Prohibition of Off-the-Clock Work

      Hamline University is committed to complying with all applicable wage and hour laws and regulations and to paying employees for all hours worked.

    • Transcripts - grad

      Hamline University has adopted the following policy on graduate student transcript requests.

    • Transfer of credit - grad

      Hamline University has adopted the following policy on transfer of credit/credit equivalencies for graduate students.

    • Transferring credit: low-res MFA

      The Graduate School of Liberal Studies has adopted the following policy regarding transfer credit for low-residency MFA students.

    • Trash

      Each student is responsible for removing his/her trash from the residence hall to a designated dumpster inside (Osborn, Peterson, and Schilling) or outside the building (Drew, Manor, and Sorin). Students who violate this policy will be fined $20 for each occurrence.

    • Trespassing

      Unauthorized entry, use, or occupation of university facilities is prohibited. Students are not allowed on any university roof. There is a $100 fine for being present on a roof.

    • Tuition and fees - grad

      Hamline University has adopted the following policies regarding graduate student tuition and fees.

    • University authority

      Hamline University has adopted the following policy regarding university authority and civil penalties.

    • University Center Tabling Policy

      The following policy outlines the process of reserving a table in the university center.

    • Vacation Leave for Staff Employees

      Hamline University's staff vacation policy

    • Vandalism

      Willful and/or malicious action that results in damage to property is prohibited. This includes damage to personal property, damage to university property or facilities and unreported accidental damages.

    • Vehicle Use

      This policy applies to the use of vehicles by Hamline University faculty, staff, students, and volunteers for Hamline University business. The vehicles may be owned, on long-term lease, on short-term lease (rental car), or they may be personal vehicles.

    • Violence prevention

      Hamline University does not tolerate acts of violence committed by or against any members of the campus community.

    • Weapons - residential students

      Possession or use of any firearm, explosive, weapon, chemical, or other dangerous item by university students and/or their guests on residential living property or at a Residential Life function is prohibited.

    • Weather closure

      It is Hamline University's policy to conduct classes as scheduled, but sometimes winter storms or other weather situations are so severe that travel is impossible.

    • Web policy

      This policy establishes the approach Hamline University will use in the administration and management of its official website and to establish the appropriate use of Hamline website by the Hamline user community.

    • Withdrawal - grad

      Hamline University has adopted the following policy regarding withdrawal from a graduate course or program.