• Piper Redesign-2013

    Feedback Survey Results

    In April of 2013 an online survey was sent to all students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members of Hamline University to provide feedback on new costume designs for the Piper mascot. The following information is taken from the results of that survey.

    Survey Rationale

    A college mascot serves as an identifiable element to represent the campus community and as an icon for school pride and spirit. It is important to refresh the visual image of the Piper so that it resonates with the students of today while feeling familiar to our alumni.

    We requested students, staff, faculty, alumni and the surrounding campus community to provide feedback on the new design images for the Piper costume. This information helped give us a direction for the redesign of the physical costume, as well as the graphic image. We appreciate everyone's feedback and thank them for their participation.


    The survey was a huge success, garnering 1,315 individual responses.  Below is a breakdown of those responses by how they were connected with Hamline.

    Undergraduate Student - 575 (44%)
    Graduate Student - 58 (4%)
    Alumni - 456 (35%)
    Faculty - 27 (2%)
    Staff - 107 (8%)
    Other - 92 (7%)

    Design Rankings

    Each design, including the current piper, was rated independently by the community on a scale of 1-4 (1 being poor, 4 being excellent).  Design A was consistently chosen as the best by all audiences, receiving an average of .55 points better than the current design.  Below if a listing of all the results and a link to the corresponding design.

    Design A - 3.02
    Design C - 2.58
    Current Piper - 2.47
    Design D - 2.39
    Design B - 2.38

    At the end of the survey, we asked participants to choose one of the four designs as their overall favorite.  Again, Design A had an overwhelming majority, scoring over 46% better than its nearest competitor.  Below is a full listing of the results.
    Design A - 623 (61%)
    Design D - 156 (15%)
    Design C - 141 (14%)
    Design B - 103 (10%)

    Analysis of Results

    Given the strong support for Design A by the community, we plan to move forward with Design A as the new Piper mascot design.  It was rated significantly higher than the current piper, and received a huge majority of the votes for overall favorite amongst all the new designs.  A final costume and graphic image based on Design A and other comments from the survey was created and unveiled in October 2013.