• Hamline Piper - New Costume

    Piper Redesign 2013

    Why was the Hamline Mascot redesigned? 

    As the mascot for Hamline University since 1922, the Piper has taken on several visual variations over the years, which has created a lack of consistency and identity.  Our goal was to not only make it consistent, but to accurately reflect the Hamline community.  It is important to refresh the visual image of the Piper so that it resonates with the students of today while feeling familiar to our alumni.  For years, there has been an interest in revisiting and re-envisioning the image of the Piper to help shape the mascot’s role in building Hamline spirit. 

    In order to create a positive and consistent visual identity for the mascot, the Piper underwent a redesign to both establish guidelines for the graphic identity and to create a positive, consistent character for the physical costume.  The updated look and feel of the Piper was meant to establish a strong identity for the mascot so that the Hamline community feels a sense of pride and spirit.

    Who was involved in the Piper redesign process?

    Representatives from Student Affairs, the CLA dean's office, Alumni Relations, Athletics, Marketing, and the Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress have been brought together to discuss the revamp of the Piper mascot. The group met several times to examine the mascot’s history, appearance and presence, and to reshape the story and role of the Piper.  Hamline alumnus Daniel Campbell '08 and '10, who is also a current staff member, created the visual designs for both the costume and graphic identity image.  The costume was then constructed by the Hamline Theatre Department.

    How was feedback provided for the Piper redesign?

    Students, staff, faculty, alumni, and Hamline community members had the opportunity to provide feedback on new visual variations of the mascot and were encouraged to express their thoughts throughout the process. 

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