Student Leadership and Activities

Hmong Student Association (HSA)



Advocacy and Service, Cultural and Diversity, Support & Networking


Supports its members and educates the campus by sharing the Hmong experience.

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About this Group

The Hmong Student Association (HSA) shall:

1. Expose members of the Hamline Community to subjects such as Hmong history, culture, traditions, and community;
2. Develop and refine leadership and communication skills amongst all members;
3. Provide a strong academic and social support system for members on campus through meetings and social activities;
4. Improve the Hamline community and the broader Hmong community by serving as a resource;
5. Establish a relationship with other higher education institutions, the Hmong community, and the Multicultural Alliance; and
6. Promote and encourage Hmong youth to continue their education beyond high school. 

Contact Info
Instagram: @hamline_hsa


President: Gashia Vue
Vice President: Yee Thao
Treasurer: Mai Yer Thao
Secretary:  Manee Xiong
External Public Relations Officer: Katelin Lor
Internal Public Relations Officer:  Ge Thao
Historian: Shengyeng Thao