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Cultural and Diversity, Health and Wellness, Special Interest and Hobby


Dedicated to providing the resources required to sustain a thriving community dedicated to the love of all types of games.

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The Hamline University Gamer Group (HUGG) is a place to learn, grow, and de-stress. We are an open environment for all that is ready and waiting, every Friday from 5-9pm, to teach fun team-building games and help shake off the irritations of the real world. Some of our favorite activities involve quick thinking, negotiating, improvising, and hand-eye coordination. For at least four hours each week, this club is not made up of college students, but rather elves, contessa's, wizards, dinosaur beating plumbers, and more. All are welcome, from new gamers to the veterans.

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President: Ilene Fitzgerald
Vice President: Ben Manning
Treasurer: Kiera Christianson
Treasurer: Jeff Hartman