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Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress (HUSC)



Advocacy and Service, Governing Bodies and Departmental Boards


The official “voice of the students,” HUSC assists student organizations, discusses issues facing students, and encourages productive debate.

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About this Group

The Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress (HUSC) is the student government of Hamline University. HUSC works with faculty, staff, and administration to make sure students’ voices are heard. Another part of HUSC’s job is the management and distribution of funds to the many student organizations on campus. Every undergraduate student is a member of HUSC – they can attend General Assembly meetings to share their opinions and vote on resolutions being discussed. Aside from general members, there are approximately 30 elected and appointed positions within HUSC, including an executive board, representatives from each class, and residence hall representatives.

Contact Info
Instagram: @yourvoicehusc
Twitter: @yourvoicehusc


President: Kaia Zeigler
Vice President: Cecelia Miller 
Board of Elected Representatives Chair: Ruben Dominguez
Economic Affairs Chair: Jessie Luévano
Secretary: Tori Kelm
Student Organizations Chair: Evan Nelsen
Technology Coordinator: Grace Ryan
Treasurer: Zach Angstman
Political Affairs Chair: Raina Meyer 
Public Relations Chair: Autumn Wilkie