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Creates, encourages, and supports positive relationships between the HU community and the broad community of Hancock/Hamline Collaborative Magnet School.

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Hand in Hand is a mentorship program in collaboration with Hamline Elementary. Our mission is to create meaningful partnerships between Hamline University students and Hamline Elementary students. Our organization provides space and supplies for these mentorship pairings to succeed in. By providing meaningful journal prompts to learn and grow through ideals not taught in the classroom (like empathy), these pairings will be challenged every week to not only learn about each other but to learn from each other. Hand in Hand also gives the elementary students the opportunity to be exposed to university life, learn about college, and be encouraged to pursue higher education. These conversations become natural through not only the journal prompts, but relationships built through play as well. 

Hamline Elementary is a unique school, and the students are just as unique. These students love the Hand in Hand program, and it has changed many of their lives. We hope to continue to provide these meaningful pairings between Hamline University and Hamline Elementary students.

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President: John Gauger
Vice President: Ryder Hutton
Outreach Coordinator: Triston Thomas