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Delta Tau Sorority



Advocacy and Service, Fraternity/Sorority, Support & Networking


This local sorority is dedicated to creating friendships and committed to community service projects.

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We, the sisters of Delta Tau, pledge ourselves to promoting friendship, responsibility, and service to Hamline University, the surrounding community and each other. By offering a supportive environment, we hope to cultivate lasting friendships that enable us to grow, share, and help others. We wish to secure intellectual, educational, social, and recreational benefits through fellowship among our members. We, the members of Delta Tau, wish to serve a higher purpose by offering our friendship and service to the entire community in and around Hamline University.

Contact Info
Instagram: @deltatausorority
Twitter: @dtsorority


President: Emma Hahn
Vice President: Gabby Jaimes
Secretary: Chana Introlegator
Treasurer: Maria Brandt
Treasurer: Jo Schmidt
Campus Liaison: Anjani White