Student Leadership and Activities

Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC)



Cultural and Diversity, Publication and Communications, Support & Networking


APAC strives to support Asian Americans on campus and educate others about Asian cultures, traditions and history.

Meeting Room

GLC 110W

Meeting Time

Every other Tuesday from 11:30am - 12:30pm

About this Group

The Asian Pacific American Coalition was first established in 1990 under the name of The Hamline Asian American Student Union (HAASU), which was later changed to APAC. The Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) strives to provide support for Asian American students as well as insight into Asian cultures through programs and guest speakers. APAC's main events are Asian Heritage Month, the Asian Dance Festival, and the Chinese New Year Celebration. Although the main focus of this organization is on Asian issues, everyone is welcome within APAC's diverse membership.  

Our mission is to: 

1. Support Asian and Asian American students at Hamline University academically, culturally, socially and politically;
2. Educate and raise social awareness about Asian and Asian American history, culture and tradition;
3. Serve as a medium for Asian and Asian American students to voice and express their concerns, interests, and needs;
4. Celebrate Asian and Asian American cultural events, including Asian Heritage Month (A.H.M.) and various Asian New Year celebrations;
5. Promote multiculturalism and diversity on campus; and
6. Work with members of the Hamline University community to promote and increase representation of Asian and/or Asian American cultures, traditions and history.

Contact Info
Instagram: @hu_apac
Snapchat: @huapac


President: Emily Luo
Vice President: Alex Yang
Treasurer: Daejah Vongphachanah
Secretary: Katrina Yang
Public Relations Officer: Noah Vue
Event Coordinator: Elliot Fay
Historian: Alex Yang