• Online Undergraduate Degree Completion

    Undergraduate Degrees Offered Online

    Hamline offers online opportunities to complete your bachelor’s degree in business or psychology. Your actual course plan will depend on the qualifying courses you transfer to Hamline.

    Degree Requirements

    All students are required to complete a minimum of 56 credits at Hamline, including at least 16 semester credits within their major. Each major has a set of required courses that must be satisfied either by taking courses through Hamline or transferring in qualifying courses.

    Bachelor of Business Administration - Online 

    Eligible students may transfer to Hamline to finish their bachelor’s degree in business administration online, satisfying the following course requirements:

    • Microeconomics Analysis
    • Macroeconomics Analysis
    • Accounting Principles I
    • Accounting Principles II
    • Introduction to Business Analytics
    • Foundations of Management
    • Foundations of Marketing
    • Foundations of Finance
    • Business Law
    • Internship with Seminar
    • Consumer Behavior
    • International Business Environment
    • Risk Management
    • Data Management and Communication
    • Organizational Leadership
    • Strategic Management

    Note: course offerings vary by term.

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Online 

    Eligible students may transfer to Hamline to finish their bachelor of arts degree in psychology online, satisfying the following course requirements:

    • General Psychology (program prerequisite)
    • Adult Development and Aging
    • Statistics/Data Visualization
    • Brain and Behavior
    • Risk and Resilience
    • Cognitive Neuroscience
    • Cross-Cultural Psychology
    • Research Methods
    • Psychology in the Public Interest
    • Capstone: Positive Psychology
    • Two electives chosen from:
      • Abnormal Psychology
      • Lifespan Development
      • Individual Differences 
      • Theories of Psychotherapy 
      • Family Development and Dynamics  

    Note: course offerings vary by term.

    Hamline's Core Curriculum

    The Hamline curriculum, the "Hamline Plan," provides students with the skills employers expect of college graduates: critical thinking and research skills, collaborative problem-solving, cultural competency, effective communication, and strong work habits.

    Required core courses

    Online bachelor's degree completion students are required to take the following courses at Hamline:   

    • Transfer Seminar
    • Argumentation and Advocacy
    • Professional Writing
    • Statistics/Data Visualization

    In addition, students need to demonstrate learning in core skills of the Hamline Plan, which include effective writing, speaking and presentation, collaborative problem-solving, global citizenship, facility with diversity, and study in four disciplinary areas: fine arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.

    Depending on the courses you transfer to Hamline, you will take courses from the following topical course clusters:

  • Global Orientation
    Courses in this cluster prepare you to be an engaged global citizen. They may include:

    • World Art
    • Music in World Cultures
    • Ethics
    • Media in Global Perspective
    • Human Heredity and Disease
    • Race, Racism and Racialization
  • Digital Worlds
    Courses in this topical area prepare you to be an engaged participant in digital cultures. Courses may include:

    • Introduction to Critical Media Studies
    • Introduction to Digital Media Arts
    • Critical Digital Media Theory
    • Biotechnology in Your Life
    • Ethics
    • Web Design
  • Is Hamline's Program Right for Me?

    Unsure if you are eligible for Hamline's online bachelor's degree completion program? No problem! We will do an initial review of your transcripts before you apply.

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