• Undergraduate Online Courses

    Hamline University does not offer undergraduate degree or certificate programs online.  The majority of our undergraduate courses are offered face to face in classrooms or practical lab and fieldwork, with technology-enhanced learning spaces and resources to complement the primarily in-person experience.  However, the University does offer a few full-online courses which expand the opportunities for developing skills in those environments. Below is a sampling of courses offered in recent semesters (click on link to view syllabus).

    Always check the course list for current course offerings. All the courses listed are taught by the full-time academic faculty in the College of Liberal Arts with prerequisites and academic standards and expectations the same as those required in face-to-face courses.

    Offered Winter 2017
    ARTH 1100: World Art. Instructor: Aidah Audeh

    Offered Fall 2016
    PSY 3800: Social Psychology. Instructor: Dorothee Dietrich

    Offered Summer 2016
    SOC 3330: Sociology of Gender.  Instructor: Sharon Preves