• Online and Distance Learning

    Learning online at Hamline University offers students access to a high-quality education when distance and schedules can make on-ground learning extremely challenging. You can participate in classes from anywhere in the world provided you have a computer and an internet connection.Whether you're a working professional, raising a family or serving in the military, Hamline online courses meet your needs by providing access to flexible educational opportunities whenever and wherever you need to learn.

    Distance Learning Mission Statement

    The efforts of the Provost’s Office with regard to Distance Learning aim to promote the sound design, development, and delivery of online and hybrid distance learning courses to meet the educational needs of our students and faculty in innovative and accommodative ways. Measures have been established to ensure faculty are well prepared to confidently develop and deliver high-quality, engaging, and academically-rich distance learning courses, providing students with a challenging and rewarding educational experience.

    Hamline University online courses and programs offer relevant and affordable opportunities characterized by a focus on teaching excellence, innovation, and academic support for all users.

    Your Online Experience

    Hamline offers courses and programs that are offered fully online as well as in hybrid form where a significant amount of the course learning activity or number of courses in a program are offered online and the amount of time in the classroom is reduced.  In the hybrid model, traditional face-to-face instruction is reduced but not eliminated. Fully online classes are delivered asynchronously and are developed by the same Hamline University faculty who teach on campus. Faculty work with instructional designers and multimedia developers to ensure that classes meet industry best practice standards and utilize the latest technologies to create an enriching, interactive learning environment. Student-to-instructor and student-to-student interactions are highly engaging and typically occur via email or online discussion boards. Instructors often provide one-on-one feedback to students on the phone or via video conferencing software.

    Am I Ready for Online Learning?

    Online courses are not for everyone. Although Online, Hybrid and Flexible courses result in more convenience and flexibility than traditional courses, these courses often require more dedication, and time-management skills than typical traditional classroom learning.

    The online classroom is a good option for highly-motivated adults who need flexible scheduling to balance family, work, and school.

    People who learn effectively in an online setting are:

    • Self-motivated and willing to accept responsibility for their own learning,
    • Organized and able to follow directions independently,
    • Self-disciplined, able to budget their time effectively and willing to stick to deadlines,
    • Comfortable with technology, especially web-based and Internet technologies,
    • Willing to accept the challenge of being an independent learner,
    • Willing to take the initiative and contact their instructor when they have questions or concerns,
    • Able to effectively communicate in writing, and
    • Aware that online courses are of the same rigor and breadth as traditional courses.

    Online Learning Resources

    Our primary goals are giving learners like you worldwide access to a first-rate education and working alongside you as you move forward in life. These external resources can help set you on a successful path for your online learning experience at Hamline University.

    View all of our Student Resources for Online Learning.