• For Graduate Students

    A writing consultation is a conversation between a writer and a consultant. During that conversation, the participants will set an agenda for the session, talk about the work in progress, and work together to meet the writer's goals.

    Graduate students can schedule an appointment to work on:

    Graduate students must schedule appointments with graduate peer writing consultants.


    Lower level of Bush Memorial Library

    Appointment Lengths

    25 minutes or 50 minutes

    Please schedule a 50-minute appointment for your first visit and for capstones.

    Number of Appointment per Week

    Students may schedule up to four appointments per week during most of the semester and two appointments per week during the final two weeks of the semester.

    What To Bring

    • A draft (if you have one) on paper, a flash drive, or your laptop
    • Your assignment sheet or writing prompt
    • A rubric, if your professor has provided one
    • Your questions and concerns

    See our Online Resources page for links to websites and handouts on all aspects of academic writing.


    Note: In order for our consultants to work efficiently and effectively, students are only permitted to review one chapter of their capstone per appointment.

    Literature Reviews

    Here is a quick instructional video on writing literary reviews by the North Carolina State University Library.