• Hamline University Writing Center Staff 2016-2017

     Writing Staff

    Julie Bach

    Writing Specialist


    Julie is the head of the Writing Center and in charge of the online appointment database WCOnline. She often teaches the ENG 1110 course Reading and Writing Texts, and can be found in her office under the stairs in the basement of Bush Library.

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    Graduate and Undergraduate Writing Consultant


    Boone holds a Bachelors in English from UW-Milwaukee and is a recent graduate of Mitchell Hamline School of Law. He is currently working on his thesis for his MFA in Creative Writing.

    He has one cat-kid named Chekhov and is obsessed with "Stranger Things."

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    Hannah Joy

    ESL Graduate and Undergraduate Writing Consultant


    Hannah is in the MA ESL program. She graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with a B.S. in Child Psychology and a minor in Family Social Science. She taught composition, grammar, and public speaking courses at a private university in Malaysia. She grew up speaking English as her first language, Malay and Cantonese as second languages, and sometimes pretends to speak Mandarin.

    She’s okay with the fact that she doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle. She loves helping students overcome writer’s block and find their voice in writing.

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    Graduate and Undergraduate Writing Consultant


    Ilse is a graduate student in the MA TESOL program and studied English and creative writing as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she also worked with students as a writing tutor. Ilse lived in rural Uganda as a Peace Corps Volunteer and recently returned from two years of teaching children and adults in Laos.

    She loves language, culture, reading, and spicy food. She believes that sometimes good writing emerges from conversation with others and looks forward to hearing about the great ideas Hamline students want to put down on paper.

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    Graduate and Undergraduate Consultant


    Jennifer is a graduate student in the Creative Writing MFA program. After finishing her undergraduate degree in English, she was a youth worker in Jamaica, Los Angeles, and St. Paul, where she honed her tutoring and counseling skills.

    Jennifer is excited about: extended road trips with her family, meeting new people, painting small watercolor portraits of trees, and that moment when the perfect word drops into place. In the Writing Center, she enjoys helping students see themselves as writers and working together to become better writers. 

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    Graduate and Undergraduate Writing Consultant


    Ross is a graduate student in the MFA program at Hamline. As an undergraduate, he studied English with a minor in Biblical studies. He hopes that someday he might earn at least a dollar or two from either of those degrees.

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    Undergraduate Writing Consultant


    Ariya is a chemistry student. In her free time she likes to play piano and her hobbies include eating and swimming.

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    Undergraduate Writing Consultant


    Maggie is a junior double-majoring in Public Health and Spanish. They believe every student has a unique and valuable voice to share, regardless of background, GPA, or ACT score; they especially love to help their peers communicate clearly and achieve confidently.

    They spend a lot of time watching Bojack Horseman and writing short stories; they do not spend enough time doing dishes.

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    Undergraduate Writing Consultant


    Belle is an English major emphasizing in Creative Writing. She is experienced in creative, academic, and professional writing and works as a web editor for Hamline's Marketing department. Belle believes that every student is a writer, and every writer needs support.

    Belle loves theatre, books, the oxford comma, and visiting her niece and nephew out west.

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    Undergraduate Writing Consultant


    Melissa is a senior majoring in English and Education with a minor in Religion. She has worked with youth of many different ages on many different types of writing, but is excited to now work with undergraduate students. She enjoys helping writers find their voice and structure their ideas into meaningful pieces of writing. She is also excited to learn alongside writers how to implement the new MLA guidelines.

    When she's not in the Writing Center, she is probably searching for her next dose of caffeine or trying to convince herself that she really should go for a run.

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