• Hamline Plan for Writing

    Communicating effectively in writing is a central goal of the Hamline Plan for integrated, liberal education.

    The first-year college writing course is the beginning of writing at Hamline. The student then completes at least one writing-intensive course each year, with at least one of those courses in the student’s chosen major.

    A Hamline writing course has three objectives:

    1. to designate specific written communication objectives appropriate to the course and the discipline
    2. to enable the student to practice writing with guidance from the instructor, allowing feedback before the final product and building upon the student’s writing strengths
    3. to focus on the written communication process as well as the final product. The student gains experience writing and receiving feedback from the instructor and/or peers to build strengths in writing

    See the Hamline University Undergraduate Bulletin for more information about the writing requirements that prepare students to communicate effectively in writing.

  • News


    Patsy Egan, ATLAS Director, and Betsy Parrish, professor in the School of Education, traveled to Washington DC Sept. 11-13 for their work on the Teaching Skills that Matter project funded through the US Department of Education, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education.


    Stacie Bosley presented her research on pyramid scheme fraud and multi-level marketing at the Midwest Federal Trade Commission Common Ground Conference.


    Are you a full time salaried staff member that is interested in aiding Hamline students during the J-term, Spring Break, or May Travel/Summer programs explore new locations? The GEC is now accepting applications for the position of a Campus Colleague on one of our Faculty Led programs.